Shall I? Shant I?

…put the drone up as it’s looking possible to be a good sunrise?
Glad I did as it was a grand start to the day.
(Air 2s with PL filter and a slight crop in LR)


Love that mate where was it shot ??

Stunning sunset. Well seen and captured.

The photo is looking out over Plymouth Sound with Plymouth (Devon) to the left and S.E. Cornwall on the right with the River Tamar dividing the two.

Not far from where I live … Nice photo …That is my next port of call to take some pics of Tamar bridge,
unfortunately I’m not a early riser …

Tamar Bridge is also one of my intended ‘Targets’ but I do know the staff get fed up with the number of drones that fly around the bridge. Not sure of the legal aspect of doing so yet.

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Dronescene is your friend

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Yes, Left hand side of the Plymouth side , looking Brunels Railway bridge , then Tamar Bridge…
@milkmanchris as kindly pointed out on Dronescene …

I have flown a couple of areas around Plymouth.


@Straze Glad you did

Amazing shots!

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Beautiful sunrise and so beautifully captured. Great shot!

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Thanks for that.
I was aware of the restrictions at this area and always surprised it’s only yellow and not red over the armament depot, knowing what’s stored there. :skull_and_crossbones: :bomb:

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