Shark Byte Digital FPV on a Tiny Hawk Freestyle

I recently purchased a Shark Byte HD FPV system made by Fatshark.
It’s still very much under development and they are actively listening to customer demands / praises.
The image quality is definitely not as good as the Dji hd system, but it is a lot clearer than analogue. You can see the twigs when flying through trees.
I am very happy with it and I’m looking forward to see how the system develops over time.

One of the major pulling points for me are constant low latency and the ability to install it on small quads. Including the increasingly popular Tiny Hawk Freestyle.

This video shows a Tiny Hawk in analogue, then using shark byte. I must add that the live feed in the goggles is much better than the dvr and the post editing that I have done.

All In all, Shark Byte is a real pleasure to fly.



There isn’t that much in it. The one you are using has a slight pixilation, the DJI one doesn’t.
Im sure this could be fixed with a software update.

When the DJI one drops out the easiest way to explain would be to say it goes cloudy then nothing :thinking: if you know what I mean?

I’d be well impressed with that pal. :+1:

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What the ?

You were the person who bought it!

Shocked really…

How well does it play with others?

That’s intentional. You can think of it as the image being converted from analog to digital, and the digital info used to modulate an analog carrier. The receiver then converts the received signal back to digital for decoding. Because of this there’s very little latency as the link is one way, the DJI system requires a duplex network connection, and the break up is very similar to an analog video signal which is easier to fly with at the limits of breakup than the DJI system.

As for being RF friendly? The Sharkbyte system uses a smaller bandwidth than the DJI system, and because there’s no outbound signal from the goggles the result is a much lower interference risk to other users on the flight line. The DJI V2 system, if it gets implemented in the same way as DJI’s FPV drone, will be a bigger issue on the flight line as it switches between 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz depending on the spectral occupancy of each band.


What Nidge said. Not sure in practice as we are only just coming out of lockdown.

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New SharkByte update and new camera coming out Karl :+1:t2:

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You gota get this update @notveryprettyboy and get hold of that new camera.


Looks great. If only I’d bought fat sharks instead of sky zones :tired_face:

I’ve been waiting for the camera for weeks :rofl:

They will work on any goggles with hdmi in


…which Skyzones have, so no money wasted Howard :+1:


I can see the credit card getting hammered again.

I’ll have a chat with you next time we meet Karl

Some new goggles on their way.
It’s basically 1080p digital goggles for $250. Well cheap.