Sheepy’s Cider Farm, Somerset

Upon meeting up with the manager at Sheepy’s arranging my challenge flight we thought it would be a good idea to make a proper session out of it for their advertising side of it. Managed to get some great shots, showing off there many acres of land.

This is the in-depth video, showing pretty much every part and have another to make for there social media side of it.

Thanks for watching. :pray:


Social media video for Sheppys

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Went to it on holiday a couple of years ago, well worth a visit. It was nice to see it again. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks, is a lovely place, was very lucky to be aloud to film there and cider there is amazing. Highly recommend the elderflower :+1:t4:

It was a scorching day so we sat outside and enjoyed a few samples and a ploughman’s lunch. Took a couple of cases home too. Fond memories :grinning:

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My “Visit Sheppys Today” clip went live today hitting 2.8K views in the first 10 hours :pray:

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Celebrity badge granted, wear it with pride :wink:

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Thank you sir :pray: