Ships (again) Poole Bay , Bournemouth

MA 2 - Edited (not color corrected) in Imovie - 1080p in Youtube but captured in 4k.

DJI need to fix the gimbal smoothness - if you look at transitions and when it flies over the ship you can see what i mean … takes a v v v slow steady movement to move the gimbal slowly.

Anyway - enjoy… (no music)


Superb video.
I’ll be in Weymouth this weekend and hoping to get in some flights. The Queen Mary 2 is anchored there so really hoping to have enough courage to fly out to her.

Weymouth itself is too far. You need to go to Ringstead … little shingle beach with lovely clear water . £5 to park …

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Osmington Mills is currently the closest location to any of the ships.

Current distances from land:
Queen Victoria : 1.7km
Carnival Valor : 2.06km
Azura : 2.32km
QM2 : 3.1km
Brittania : 3.7


It is but parking easier at Ringstead and you can walk along the trail to Osmingtom mills , about a mile and a half or so.

All depends how far you are comfortable flying over sea I think …plus I think the range is reduced due to interference from ships themselves …

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But Osmington Mills has an excellent pub, The Smugglers Inn, with a free car-park (for patrons = 1 sandwich = same price as Ringstead car-park) nearer the beach and coast path. :wink:

Superb food there too! #Bonus.



Ha! Actually, if you park at Ringstead and walk to the nearest point to any of the ships, you have to walk past the Smugglers Inn, and … thirsty from the walking … you’ll probably become a patron anyway. :crazy_face:

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you own it? lmao

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I wish! Had many a pleasant balmy evening sat down there.

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Agree, went there a few weeks ago. Ships are close but was to windy to fly safely. Nice cafe/ shop and toilets too.

Very nice. Just the sort of stuff I would like to be able to do.

Very nice video

Went here today. Parking was… hectic…but I parked fine. Great take off spot just on the cliff side of the pub car park. Sadly far too hazy to get any useful footage do may head back next week.

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BTW, if you use you can find any ship and also measure the distance from your take off point.

I use that, and Marine Traffic.

I only dumped them into GoogleEarth to get that pretty picture. :crazy_face:

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