Ships (again) Poole Bay , Bournemouth

MA 2 - Edited (not color corrected) in Imovie - 1080p in Youtube but captured in 4k.

DJI need to fix the gimbal smoothness - if you look at transitions and when it flies over the ship you can see what i mean … takes a v v v slow steady movement to move the gimbal slowly.

Anyway - enjoy… (no music)


Superb video.
I’ll be in Weymouth this weekend and hoping to get in some flights. The Queen Mary 2 is anchored there so really hoping to have enough courage to fly out to her.

Weymouth itself is too far. You need to go to Ringstead … little shingle beach with lovely clear water . £5 to park …

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Osmington Mills is currently the closest location to any of the ships.

Current distances from land:
Queen Victoria : 1.7km
Carnival Valor : 2.06km
Azura : 2.32km
QM2 : 3.1km
Brittania : 3.7


It is but parking easier at Ringstead and you can walk along the trail to Osmingtom mills , about a mile and a half or so.

All depends how far you are comfortable flying over sea I think …plus I think the range is reduced due to interference from ships themselves …

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But Osmington Mills has an excellent pub, The Smugglers Inn, with a free car-park (for patrons = 1 sandwich = same price as Ringstead car-park) nearer the beach and coast path. :wink:

Superb food there too! #Bonus.



Ha! Actually, if you park at Ringstead and walk to the nearest point to any of the ships, you have to walk past the Smugglers Inn, and … thirsty from the walking … you’ll probably become a patron anyway. :crazy_face:

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you own it? lmao

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I wish! Had many a pleasant balmy evening sat down there.

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Agree, went there a few weeks ago. Ships are close but was to windy to fly safely. Nice cafe/ shop and toilets too.

Very nice. Just the sort of stuff I would like to be able to do.

Very nice video