Short film of Carsington Water

Made the most of a small gap in the crowds at Carsington Water last weekend and launched my mini 2 straight up and down at the side of the reservoir. :+1:t2: Its run by Severn Trent Water and can be found between Wirksworth and Kniveton in Derbyshire. It’s fed from the River Derwent at Ambergate, by10.5-kilometre long tunnels and aquaduct. It covers apptoximately 3 km² and can hold at its highest level 7,800 billion gallons of water.
Tried to make the video as interesting as I could considering the short time I had. The wind was also moving away from me so didn’t fancy taking the drone too far and have to battle getting it back. :roll_eyes: More facts below :point_down:t2:


Hi was going to fly this last year but thought there was a total ban now in place

Nothing on Drone Scene. Seven-Trent Water dont like it but unlike NT do not have a bylaw. @PingSpike flew there the week before me and has a :pushpin: in Drone Scene not far from where I was so I didn’t bother adding one myself. My concern was the number of people about, which is why I did a quick up and down so to speak. :innocent:

Thanks for the advice on flying there will give it a go soon, :+1: