Short Notice Essex Meet (1/8/2021) - East Hanningfield Reservoir

Anyone in Essex fancy a meet up tomorrow at 11.30am at Hanningfield Reservoir
Meet at Waterside Park CM3 8HX

Currently there are just the three of us but anyone welcome.

Phil I’ve edited the title to include a date as tomorrow, tomorrow will mean nothing :wink:


Thanks Chris, not the first time I’ve done that :smiley:

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Might get a bit wet if you meet at the droppin.

I will have a word with the boss first and see what the weather is like

Many thanks

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Weather has changed a bit. UAV says 48% chance of rain at midday tomorrow. I shall still be there as its not far for me but understand if you guys from across the border would rather not. :wink:

Yes I am defiantly coming and will be wearing my St Lucia Jazz Festival baseball hat. We can have a chat and coffee on the deck but see you in the car park, the first one not the playground car park. We are walking first then my wife is cycling home from there. Assume we can chat about Soul Music after drones if it rains

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Will wait in the car park till 12 then leave

Well done guys nice to meet up, chat and fly together

Nice to meet you to Bob. Video of todays shennanigans will be up later.

And not a drop of rain either :smiley: