Short notice NW meet Beacon on 10/02/24

OK folks weather looks good even if cold so suggest a meet tomorrow. Meet at 10am grab some brekkie if you want and get in the air after weeks of appalling weather.
I’m hoping to get the wing in the air.

Come and watch me crash it again.

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Will be there (going to assist @stevesb maiden!), hoping a little earlier if anyone else can make it from 9 let me know?

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@group-northwest @Banjonic @AlbionDrones @digitalman @jcbdriver @robertspark tagging some of you in :slight_smile:

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I will try make it! Not sure if we have anything on, if not i will pop by with my daughter again:)

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Hi where is Beacon?

Can’t get there until 12,00. Will see if anyone is about before I leave . working

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Would love to come, but we are busy tomorrow… Have great meet up everyone :slight_smile:

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Sorry cant play out tommorrow :frowning_face:

Hi Steve, How confident are you with the weather?
I’d like to come, it’s about time I saw the drone ‘bermuda triangle’ LOL @notveryprettyboy @DeanoG60

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@Steviegeek depends how much you trust the BBC weather lol

Hi all count me in see u at 10am


Looking promising, I’ll check again this evening before packing the car. :crossed_fingers:
My Swordfish won’t be finished but I’ll bring the Baby AR wing and the AlbaBird, not sure I can trust the 7" until I’ve put ArduCopter on it, Oh and If I can sort the compass today I’ll bring the SpeedyBee BEE35

What time are you having :fried_egg: :bacon: :beans:

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If the cafe open I’ll breakfast from 9:15/9:30ish. I want to be flying by 10 TBH. You got my number Steve.

Bit of a walk over likely soggy gold course (few hundred m’s), none of this back of car flying. Think I’ll just bring two quads and 2 planes TBH, will do a “light” for me pack, haha!

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Last time we were there Cafe didnt open until 1030am, IIRC…

Lunch it is then!

Will get a maccys en route and try and get there a little earlier then!

Yeah, I’ll pack lighter, I’ve done my VRX/Goggles mod so I won’t need the tripod array.
No ‘festival truck’ either :laughing:

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