Should i buy the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K?

Seen a lot of u tube vids of this drone,and looks great for the price,about £380 ,so im thinking,maybe sell my mavic pro platinum and buy two of these? Also the camera looks good and is removable,and flight time is very similar.also i than have a spare drone ,just in case! Any thoughts anyone,advice?:thinking::thinking:

I did look at it before buying mavic. Brilliant for the price, seen it as low as £250.

Not heard much of it recently though. It’s a capable drone but Mavic is in another league.

I think you might be disappointed downgrading.

If it was me personally, I’d put a few quid aside and wait for one of the specials on Bangood, gearbest etc.

That way you have your spare drone and don’t lose the good points of mavic like portability and occusync.

Pinging @TassyWass as I think he owns one??

No, I own a Xiaomi phone that I use to fly my Mavic :joy:

Oh! LOL!

I complete got the wrong end of that stick :smiley:

Hi callum,think you are totally on the ball there,after i gave it a little thought,what you say makes perfect sense,no way am i letting my mavic go,its here to stay:+1:t2:WILL HAVE A LOOK ON BANGGOOD OR GEARBEST and if i like it it will be a good backup drone,just in case cheers :grin:.

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Keep an eye on" hot UK deals" from time to time, that’s where I spotted it for about £240 odd with voucher codes.

Don’t think you’ll regret decision. MP is awesome.