Should I get a DJI Smart Controller or a CrystalSky?

I’m not to familiar with the smart controller, but what would you upgrade to from the standard controller to?

There are a few threads worth looking at with info on the Smart Controller …

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Thanks toying with getting one for my Platinum, had enough of not being able to see the screen.

I may be incorrect, but I believe they only work with the M2P/M2Z …. that was certainly the case when it was released, and don’t recall seeing an update on that.


Well that’s that then :pensive:

Worth checking!

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The DJI Smart Controller is compatible with any DJI drone that uses OcuSync 2.0. It will also be compatible with Mavic 2 Enterprise. To ensure compatibility, always make sure your aircraft is updated with the latest firmware.

There you go. MP is OcuSync 1.0


Yes just been on the DJI website, that’s a shame.

Hmmmm MP2 upgrade? Shame no flymore Packages

yep,can confirm only works with m2,s pro,zoom,enterprise…Dont see why it could not be made to work with platinum,as occusyc 2 is back compatible to occusync 1 ,i remember dji saying it may be possible to fly a mavic 1 using an mp2 controller?..:confused::confused:

As an aside,now it has been updated to include Aircraft management,maybe they will add the MP 1 PRO/PLATINUM?Lets see if another firmware update will allow this?It would certainly help DJI shift a few more S.C,s:+1::+1:

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Yes, you wouldn’t think it’s a hardware issue preventing it. Fingers crossed they extend it to other models.


CrystalSky it is then @JonD :wink:

Yeah, I kind of like the simplicity of the smart controller being an all in one unit

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Me too!

I’m gutted it doesn’t work on the existing MP. Much as I love my CrystalSky I’d have bought a SC by now for sure :blush:

There’s no way I’ll even consider the Smart Controller until …

a) It works with the MP, obviously, and

b) Litchi is working on it.

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I’ll second that Dave, I would have one but, not backward compatible with my other drones !

Bang on. Its only for M2P / M2Z and more recently compatible for M2 Enterprise and Enterprise Dual.

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Hi there Tuna here, i am using the 7" crystalsky screen these days after trying tablets and Ipads and phones to fly with, the crystalsky being the best yet i can find. I am shore DJI smart controler is fine but the trade off is beeing compact with built in screen BUT if you have more than one drone then it would mean having to have another smart controler or haveing to bind the controler over to the other drone. I have several DJI drones and as i use the stand alone crystalsky screen i can swap them around with in a matter of seconds. but for me to do this i also have to have crystalsky cradell on a home made controler base. hope the pictures explain my setup, Hope this helps.:smiley::smiley:

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The latest update to the Smart Controller does allow binding to multiple drones.


I run an almost identical setup here too @TunaSimon!

I modded my MavMount base, same principle: My modified MavMount for the CrystalSky

Using the DJI quick release mount allows me to swap the CrystalSky between the Mavic Pro and the Inspire with zero effort too :+1:t2:

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