Should I get DJI Care Refresh+?

I’m wondering if I should get the DJI Care Refresh+ ‘Insurance’ for my Mini 2. It’s £35, so not over-priced but I have also looked online and there’s plenty of parts. Or would anyone recommend any other insurance? Is the one from DJI worth it?





Yes, for a hassle free replacement.

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There is other insurance available but as I have care refresh I can’t comment on them.
But I can tell you that the service from care refresh is first class. I crashed my mini 2 while flying inside a factory without prop guards, I managed to hit a piece of steel pipe and down she went from 30ft or so. Cracked top and bottom covers, cracked lens on camera and smashed gimble. After starting the process online I dropped the drone off next day at collection point. They gave me the option of having them repair it for a cost of just over 700 quid, or use the insurance after paying the 45 quid excess or whatever it is. 9 days later I had a replacement in my hands.
So I for one would certainly recommend it.


Wowser double the price of a new one ?

Back to the OP, first year deffo

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Yip, I couldn’t believe it when I got the quote. Have to admit I almost soiled myself until until I saw the option to use the care refresh

As Chris @milkmanchris says, most definitely required in the first year.

I still renew it annually for peace of mind, especially since I have claimed twice. The first because of damage due to reversing into a tree (thanks to Quickshots), the second due to a flyaway. Both claims saw a replacement delivered in 2-3 days with no questions asked.

Other insurance deals are out there, but none as quick and easy as DJI Care Refresh.


Gonna get it sorted today after work. Everyone’s super helpful.

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Just here to add my ‘yep’ to the pile. :slight_smile:


Definitely. Got my first drone, also a DJI Mini 2, last September, a family present and my wife took out DJI Care. Wind gust blew it into a tree 6 weeks later, snapped a strut, DJI replaced it immediately with no quibble.


51 weeks ago, I chose not to renew my Care Refresh on my Air 2 since I wasn’t flying it much during the pandemic anyway. Thursday, my drone flew into and then fell out of a tree, breaking gimbal & legs. (It was a quickshot, so I can honestly not say ‘I flew it into a tree.’) It would’ve had a week left on the Care Refresh if I’d renewed back then. Now, I have a replacement 2S that just arrived, so it’s not without its silver lining, but that silver is at quite a markup.

Get the Care Refresh.

ETA: Yes, I immediately got the full two years for the new 2S.


Only twice? :joy: :joy:

Once DJI’s fault, the other most definitely my fault :grimacing: