Should I upgrade so soon after buying the Mini?

Hi folks, bit of advice please if I may!

I am considering upgrading my Mavic Mini, and trying to justify forking out more money for this, and was wondering what fellow pilots thought were on this?

I got my Mavic Mini at the start of the lockdown to film some of the walks i was going on. I literally woke up one morning and thought ‘I wonder if having a drone would be fun?’ By the end of the day i was in the field flying my new toy and having a whale of a time!

Long story short, I tried it, and loved it. Having the mini has got me walking out in the country just so i can fly it. Of course the bonus is enjoying the countryside! However whilst the Mini is a great little drone, I am finding the limitations with it more and more, and I am trying to justify forking out on another drone so soon after buying this one!

My question is this - Is it worth me upgrading now, so soon after, and what to? Also if I do decide to upgrade, should I keep the mini?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Danny - keep the Mini! It will fit in your pocket and can be used when you don’t want to carry or risk your new, expensive aircraft.

So - what to get? It depends on what you want to enhance in your experience - better camera, more aerobatic, better at handling wind, more range? Have a think on what you are looking for before evaluate various models.

And I would hold off for a few months as new models are rumoured to be due - Mavic Pro 3 for instance. In the meantime fly the hell out of your Mini and enjoy it :slight_smile:

And, whatever you get, it;s a sure bet that a new, improved, must-have shiny will be released two or three months after your purchase!


Thanks for the advice - I didnt even think about waiting for the release of the new models so I will hold of until they are out. (I always have to have the best!)

Realy appreciate the advice mate!

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Hi, I was in a similar situation, except I kept worrying about the new rules and ADS-B too but a couple of weeks ago I got so fed up with it being a lovely weekend but the wind was keeping my mavic mini in it’s bag so I started looking for a upgrade, don’t get me wrong I love the mini but the need for a still day and some problems with connection was what pushed me. I thought about the air 2 but was not sure how much better than the mini it actually is . My answer was a grade A + Mavic 2 pro from CEX , second hand yes but it had only had 3 flights and in as new condition with 2 year warranty and no quibble 14 day free return policy, best decision I’ve made I ages I love it and don’t regret it at all, like you I love to fly my drone and I thought life is just to short and you can wait a life time wishing you had done something or just do it and enjoy. I got my mini beginning of May and with the kind help and guidance of a local member on here learned to fly and I have had such fun and enjoyment with the mini I will be sad to see it go . All that said any drone is better than no drone but if you can upgrade and want to upgrade then do it , if this virus has taught me anything along with how important family and good friends are it’s life is just to short , enjoy it.

Keep it, it takes up so little space, and probably going to be the easiest thing to fly anywhere if we ever get the EASA stuff introduced ;o)

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Same story as mine, I have just upgraded to the Air 2 just because the mini was a little to light for wind. Def upgrade, I’m planning on trying to keep the mini but the wife may have different idea .


One other consideration apart from the portability of a mini V a Mavic etc is the noise!! The mini is so unobtrusive at even a short distance as to go almost un-noticeable. The Mavic is an entirely different beast noise-wise. You certainly know it’s there compared to the mini.

Exactly the same story as myself, I brought the mini back in January but due to the weather and work commitments I only flew it once and then lockdown happened so I was stuck but I was in awe at the tiny little powerful flying insect that I was constantly watching YouTube videos and that’s when I first seen the Mavic Air 2 and the active track and APAS capabilities and just couldn’t resist so I jumped straight onto the CAA website got registered and purchased the Mavic Air 2 there and then! (This was last week) now I’m chomping at the bit to get out and see what its capable of!

I’ve only had it a week myself but I can definitely recommend the Mavic Air 2!

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