Shropshire Sunrise

First attempt at a simple panorama - just a stitich of 3 images. Pleased with the actual stich (nice and stable meant work in PS was easy) but this is early morning (5.30) looking towards the rising sun. Think the sensor on the Mini struggles with this sort of light. I think it handles light from behind much better?


Very nice, have you tried any 360’s yet with the mini

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Hmm, just looked at your pano. Have no idea where to begin doing something like that!! Either setting up the pics, or editing.
Going to have to find a youtube clip. Cheers.

It’s a bit noisy in the darker areas too. If you use the multiple shot capability to take seven images for each frame you can blend them in post to reduce that noise massively.

Hi Malc
Have never thought to use multi shot, but sounds a great tip. That’s the sort of feedback I really appreciate. Cheers, Ron