Shugborough Estate National Trust - Pano by mini 3 Pro

Managed to dodge the dull skies and take this pano from just outside the Shugborough NT boundary whilst maintaining VLOS). It was just off the A513 heading towards Rugeley from Stafford.

I havn’t put a DS entry in though as the TOAL was slightly iffy depending on how much you zoom into the NT and DS maps. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yes Chris that’s me. That bit of the road is 2-way and used by the owners of the farm and public. The NT bit is further down and controlled by a one-way gate. The boundary line is sketchy following that road so I thought bugger it! Two NT maintenance vans passed me on their way out and didn’t blink an eye. I had the m3p in VLOS the entire time … honest. :hugs: :innocent: :joy:

Smell that … :joy:

My only regret was I wasn’t quick enough to get the train coming out of the tunnel … but there’s always the next time! :thinking: :thinking: :star_struck:

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I did do a double-take at that, as it looks like a collision is imminent!