Shugborough Hall - Sold for £1000 saving £35 Million with bloopers!

Thx @Raider Mick glad you enjoyed it. Makes it worth while. :+1:

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Enjoyable and your work really paid dividends covering the history of the family.

I once wrote to Lord Litchfield as I used similar equipment to his and a copy of his reply to me shown below.

Thanks again.


@MA2flyer Nice one Barrie Thx. Bet that’s worth a few bob now, but would imagine it’s priceless to you. It was a shame that his old apartments in the hall have a photo ban, as I believe the copyright is owned by an American company. It was fascinating to see how he lived and some of his cherished photos on display. :+1:I did imagine him getting up in the morning and stepping outside with a cuppa taking in the morning air next to flowing river Sow at the bottom of the garden. :smiley:


I used a OM4ti and he gave a talk when I was at uni and we had a good chat about it after

Listen to @D0c.Col Colin’s response which is spot on.

But in case you only have 2 seconds …

  1. Check Drone Scene
  2. Zoom to your site and enable the NT layer
  3. Find a lay-by
  4. TOAL from there
  5. Then :fu: to the NT with a :wink:

After all, they own the land, not the airspace.


Yes and no. I tag NT (and EH) into my posts on Instagram. And I have had both negative and positive comments from them. As an organisation, they are not joined up (and in many dealings regarding drones, clued up). Their policy is unenforcable anyway. As many are, I am a member of NT and EH, and I will respect their boundaries, i.e. TOAL outside, but still fly over their land whenever I want.


Nice clear space north of the River Sow … not even a hint of NT ownership … good find :slight_smile:

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@ximi I think NT may have a footing there as open access in their history but my sister-in-law said go for it (she is a volunteer there), so I did. You can get easy access by crossing the Chinese red bridge over the Sow and follow the path round to the left and backside (can I say that) of the hall.

I didn’t put a DS entry in, just in case I got it wrong, unless of course members request it. :thinking:

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Great video and historical content Colin - a very worthwhile output.


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@Steve6 Thx Steve, glad you enjoyed it for the historic content. :+1:

Had a look at it is now monthly costs. I do like the wondershare stuff. I do have some editing stuff that is pretty good too. I did quite well on the one I have but always nice to see others as they all have different effects.

You can try it out I think for free, which is what I did but then realised I would have to pay a 12 month licence to remove the watermark or export the finished vid. The 12 month licence was on offer in July when I bought it for @ £70. You get free effects but the really juicy ones cost extra.

I will have a better play with the one I have as I have bought that one so will get round to doing some stuff on it.