Shugborough Hall - Sold for £1000 saving £35 Million with bloopers!

First time I do a selfie introduction (and probably the last :woozy_face:) to one of my videos… what a palaver (See a couple of my many out-takes at end of vid), I don’t know how you do it @clinkadink Chris! Speaking of Chris, thanks so much for your input and encouragement matey, much appreciated. :clap: Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it anyway.


No I do believe that you will be making many more, that was brilliant, got to be honest I don’t always watch video’s until the end, but your’s had me hooked from the get go, and I learned more about ADM Anson that I never knew, and where the last Lord Lichfield lived.
Even opened Google maps to search out the tunnels etc, yes really enjoyed that, keep em coming :slight_smile:

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Well done mate. That was a corker and a pleasure to watch. So glad you left the bloopers in. You may well have set the trend there :wink:


Wow thx @yorkie9668 Mark. I’m glad it had the desired effect. I love learning the history behind these beautiful places and if I can pass that passion onto others with my vids, with a little humour and self abashment then job done! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

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Thx @clinkadink Chris, if it wasn’t for your encouragement and mentoring I probably wouldnt have. I still burst into laughter about your DM reply after you saw them… an epic gem! Cheers mate. :ok_hand:

Great video. The final result is well worth the amount of effort you have put in. Well shot with a nice balance between hand held and drone footage and commentary, it had me watching to the end. Normally I shy away from ‘wait to the end’ teasers as being a cheap-shots but in this case it worked and was worth it. Well done :+1:t2:.

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Thx @Flitwick-David, Dave, for that great positive feedback. I take the micky a lot in GADC, mostly at other peoples expense, so thought it time I gave a bit back. :grin:

Superb !
Just a grand hey, that’d only just buy you a decent tent these days,
I didn’t sit back & have a cuppa as you advised, I had a sausage sarnie ! :yum:
Well done col :star:

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@Kirky Thx Rich glad u enjoyed it.

And here"s me thinking you were a cabbage and lentils salad man. :grin::hugs::sweat_smile:

I should more :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Great video Colin, just one question if I may. It’s a NT property. How did you manage to fly your drone there ? ( we all know the NT’s hatred of anything to do with drones) :wink::wink:


Nice one Colin. Enjoyed it. I am looking forward to working out the best editing software and hopefully will be having a go myself and maybe will get round to putting some up on line


No problem matey… ask away! @JockyB I am an NT member John so filmed in 4 different places over 3 days (4 including some of the ground level shots).

  1. I did a bit of research on the Bridlepath that virtually splits the estate in two and connects Great Haywood to the A513. It is shared between the Stafford CC and NT so I stood on the SCC owned bit :joy: It was about 1930hrs and apart from the odd dog walker, completely deserted.
  2. I played with the history layers in the NT Map and found a space the other side of the river Sow that was quiet and outside their red barrier limited access barrier. My sister-in-law works there and she gave me a tip where to go. It was mid-morning and loads about but not where I TOAL. I only wanted some high Estate shots so the mini 3 Pro was virtually above my head most of the time.
  3. The hyperlapse was taken by TOAL from @firstadekit Ade’s DS entry point (at the Shugborough side of the bridge where their land history shows they don’t own it). Bloody windy though!
  4. The Hadrians Arch was taken from my DS point just off the A513 (my mate lives in one of the old Farm cottages near the exit to the A513 and is outside the NT ownership).

If you look at my YT channel you can see my total respect for the NT and my dedication to bring to those less fortunate, or incapable to visit their wonderful sites a little bit of history and culture. :innocent: I am subtle and keep out of the Rangers way, works for me and no-one gets hurt but as the late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper once said “It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Get Permission.”

I haven’t looked too hard TBH, but as yet I haven’t noticed any signs on NT property that states no drones, unlike the Heritage England sites I’ve filmed at! :rofl:


@Foley It’s great fun Russ and you go to places you wouldn’t normally bother with. I have a lifetime licence to use the Filmora 12 editor, as it’s pretty easy to use but relatively easy on the old processor!

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That is cool. I have one editing program that I use. I have done one that I was quite happy with, it was a video of our neighbours diving. Filmed the van going to the lake and some footage above the water, then the actual diving and then above the water, it then goes to some footage from the underwater cameras and then back up on the surface and leaving. This was the location that the drone ended up crashing. For a first video it came out ok. Looking forward to having some footage that will be of interest. Just got to find somewhere lol. It is fun to see the final video put together. I did enjoy it.

Thats the half of it Russ, finding the places. The other half of editing can be a ba** ache especially if your as fussy as me but once finished you don’t half get a kick out of watching 'em. Even better when others think the same. Thx. :+1:

Colin , I can see from your videos that you respect NT properties, never flying close to them. Was only ask8ng about your TOAL site as I know the NT aint exactly keen on their property being filmed by drones :wink::wink:

Yes, where we live there is an element of travel to find somewhere and for the past near on 5 years there has been neighbour trouble which means that I like to be close. A good neighbour across the road who looked out for us has moved so it is not great. I do have a thing for water and even more so moving water, nice to see a good waterfall or a stream that has moving water, a river going through rocks or thinks like that. However I do like to see some nice places. Got a few places, may do something with our wedding location and one for a place I did work at. A family that actually have a full size church in their grounds. When I find the contact details I will see if I can get permission to fly about and make a video with some family history. We had to film the funeral and run a video footage from the church to the main hall in the house for other guests. The grounds are pretty cool. During the summer to get the the church from the road is about a half mile drive through fields of yellow flowers. Looking forward to getting some videos done.

@JockyB No worries John, I was trying to be funny ‘haha’ and not being funny with you! :rofl: There is a new vid everyday on YT of an NT property being filmed from the air. I reckon if they let bloody great air balloons takeoff from the estate it wouldn’t hurt if little old stuttering me tried his hand with a mini3Pro. :rofl::rofl:

Fantastic, really enjoyed that :clap:

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