Simple forced Fcc Mode with mod. DJI Go4 4.1.22

This modified DJO Go 4.1.22 ( for Android only) is also good for Inspire 2

When you go back to the original Go App on your IOS device it`ll switch to CE mode.
Using Litchi instead keeps FCC

Hi Harry, thanks for posting but I’ve removed the link to modded apk.

Reason for this is we dont know where it has originated from or who patched it.

Using modified apps from unknown origins can leave you open to bad settings or something more sinister.

You can create your own app from an original GO4 APK using deejayeye mod.

Feel free to post if you decide to make your own and need some advice.


Thanks looks awesome, Does anyone have a good link to a step by step tutorial?

The is OK but any other reading material would be awesome