Simulator Rip (Lift off, Velocidrone) Evenings 9/9:30pm

Simulator sessions Evenings from 9/9:30pm.

How to join us.

Get yourself Lift off or Velocidrone from the links below.

Lift Off


Then join us in discord for voice communication.


I’ll be around most eveings so just jump in.

If we’re on Lift off then search for room gadc (lower case, as its case sensitive)


These are worth joining just to listen to @Yith swearing like a trooper every time he crashes :smiley:

Had enough of that today, though mainly swearing at his son for breaking yet another whoop

@DeanoG60 I’m up for this. Maybe Tuesday after 8pm?

might be bit later for me, gotta wait for the missus to go to bed :rofl:

I would love to, but struggle in liftoff to actually complete the course.


I’m in.
Actually, I’m out at the minute, so I’ll drop my LiftOff ID later.

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I’m in.
Actually, I’m out at the minute, so I’ll drop my LiftOff ID later.

I’m installing Velocidrone as well now :+1:t2: Just so we have options going forward :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing serious just having a mess about, getting some stick time in. I struggle to complete the courses as well :+1:t2: We can all get better together :ok_hand:t2:

You got a link to what we need to install

Lift off is on steam

and Velocidrone:

Let me know on what and when and I’ll try to join. Much needed practice

I’m playing lift off right now, if you’re about? lol

Probably on for another 45mins to an hour ish. :+1:t2:

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Gosh, I’m a bit rusty. :laughing:

So, My LiftOff Pro Account is the same : RestlessZombi

Could you provide the Discord link - Discord is A/C is - restlesszombi (I like things simple :smile: )

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Good couple of races tonight, Cheers @Earwig and @RestlessZombi for keeping me company, we’ll definitely have to pick it back up when we’ve got more time :slightly_smiling_face: and get a few others involved as well :ok_hand:t2:

Sorry mate. Was off up the wooden mountain for a sleep after my last message.
Will have to get a session sorted for this week

Like I said nothing too serious, just ripping a few packs :+1:t2:

I’ve got god mode on so no breaking the quads just flying if you crash you just flip over (if you’re quick enough) We done a couple of clasic races last night, might try some freestyle next. You get a time limit to preform as many tricks as possible each trick nets you points more points if executed perfectly. Winner is the most points :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh what time can you do tonight, tomorrow (Wednesday not so good), but thursdays. Can do LO or Velocidrone (though I prefer VD, but hey ho!)