Singer injured after being struck by drone during live concert

Aside from anything else, the quality of the footage that close to him will have been atrocious. Just madness.


Did you mean his singing jokes aside @JoeC :smiley:

Seriously bloody naughty tho that ….

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From the wording of the article the drone was authorised to be there. It was an accident waiting to happen to be that close though and the singer should really have just stopped the show before then to ask the drone pilot to back off a little.

Like most things in life, a little simple communication and it could have been avoided.

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Just seen the below story (albeit from 2015) as a related link on the same site. Don’t try and play catch with an Inspire… :joy:

Video of the above incident. Be prepared to feel it in every part of your body…

Also crazy to have something the size of an Inspire 1 that close to so many people…

Imagine being that pilot :rofl:

“Oi! Let off the drone! Tell him to let go of the drone!!! No, don’t do tha… well, sh*t!”

That poor defenceless inspire!!! Its no wonder it bit back!