Site checking

What site checks do people do before flying?

What apps do you use eg Google earth, nats etc and how useful do you find them?

Google Earth
This one

Edit: I tried a load of other map apps & sites, but several of them tended to contradict each other, so now I just go with the official line from NATS.

Do you mean hover as in viewing the site live from the drone?

I have just stated looking at NATS and I am trying to understand the meanings of the warnings and advice.

Is google earth a quick way of scanning the site in general?

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Best way of checking a site is with your eyes really. Looking for obstacles, people and other hazards.

What your eyes does not tell you though is the status of the airspace so I use drone assist to check for NFZs or TFRs.


Google Earth: for parking, likely takeoff sites and initial scoping of shots using Street View.

NATS - for flight restrictions

GADC - any recommendations from the good folks here!

Hover - it’s an app. Has map data from AirMap, but I trust NATS more. Good for an indication of wind speed and flying conditions though.


A feature I like on the NATS app is the ground hazards, it shows you where the electric pylons are :+1:


I agree. I was flying over a white horse in Dorset last week and the nearby pylons were clearly marked. Very useful.


have you a link for Hover Its not coming up in search.


Thanks @papercrane