Skidbrook Church in Lincolnshire

The deserted but well cared for Skidbrook Church in Lincolnshire.
Park up on the road and walk down the patch to the Churchyard.
Lovely in the daytime but in the middle of the night…


Great images

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Lovely images and colours.

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Great detail!

I presume these are from the Mavic 2 Pro?

I think it is a paradox to see a solar panel on top of Norman (I think, by the style) church?

great job… I like the saturation in No 4

Thank you.
There is a cctv camera inside to keep any eye of the place. Devil worshipers and do-no-goods etc. Nearly all are from the M2P with a couple of close in ones from a mini 2. If anything very slight tweaks in Lightroom to pop the colours a bit as raw can be a little flat.


Yes I’d agree with the flatness of the PNGs. However I recently bought photoshop elements 2021… it has a lot of stuff I remember from Photoshop but they hide it very well… LOL
However it will open up a version on ACR, which I was used to… much more control in that than with the jpegs.