Skies in 360 Panos are a pain ... etc

You know when you watch a movie, or a documentary, and the scene is at sunrise/sunset - and they include a time lapse of the sun rising/setting … but in fact they’ve used a sunrise for sunset, or the other way around … and reversed it? It shouts out at you!

Added skies do the same. A sky full of cumulus that manage to not cast shadows, or an almost clear sky with shadows of cumulus on the ground.
Even the sun direction can throw the whole thing out of kilter.

Therefore, what’s there plus a plain blue in the missing bit is better, imo.

The problem is that the sky in the original picture isn’t uniformly blue or grey. So you either remove the sky and replace with a single colour (looks wrong), add a sky from somewhere else (can look wrong re shadows etc. - agreed) or faff around trying to find a sky that matches the sky already there and use the clone and smudge tools to try and blend it in, with varying degrees of success.

Or Leave the missing portion blank or a bright colour with a logo on it. :slight_smile:

No. It’s not a uniform blue, which is why I don’t try matching the blue. Blue, or black, work better, imo.
If you add a logo, you still need a background for it.

— or, there is a drone with the camera stuck out front with 90 degree up capability - though the name of it escapes me - one could do panos with that. :+1:

Edit: Parrot Anafi :+1:

Nah, do it the proper way:

Use Litchi Android to take the pix, stitch in MICE, export to disk, open in GIMP, scale to 16384 x ****, place on 16384 x 8192 background, add transparent layer, select a near matching cloud image, scale to taste, add to layer, lower layer, flatten, clone stamp and smudge until “blended” (your idea of a perfectly blended sky may vary), ecport image and upload to Kuula.

Add description, add filter, play with HDR, filter strength and sharpness sliders till bored/image looks ok. Post. Share.

Bask in admiration of your peers :slight_smile:

The way some people over-process images, you could almost just fill the whole 16384x8192 with a colour of your choice and end up with a better result.
Save a load of time! :+1:

Or shoot in manual. make sure you have the ‘extra’ 30 degrees or so the gimabl allows.

When its on the ground point the drone to the sky and take a few more ‘straight ups’ manually and add them to your pano in your choice of stitcher

Remind me how you get the clouds to stop moving whilst you manage that?

But I fly mainly over water! :frowning:

Which stitching software really hates! Same for large fields of corn, etc. Nothing to identify as a “point”.

Ask nicely

Although, there is a really painful work around for that.

The only time I had a pano that wouldn’t stitch however I tried, even my old friend @OzoneVibe had a look (thanks Dave) was over water with perfect skies I might add.

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Strapping a Inst360 top and bottom is WAY simpler. :+1:

“Hey, DJI!!! For the M3P, can you include a pair of 180 cameras top and bottom, please? TIA!”

They do rattle like fuck though, the Insta One R mavic kit looks better, but a lot more pennies and no GPS (just what you need over water)

No GPS? Mount it well forward. The M1P GPS is in the tail. :+1:

Around the battery button on the M1P is excellent. Never flew with anything there, just sat in the garden trying things and seeing if GPS worked OK.
Tried my GoPro and even a stack of coins for a “metal” test.

It just does not place nice at all, flown a Insta360x on MP and M2P constantly drops out, so much so that Inst reccomends turning it off.


Sorry about this. But threads do get hijacked in here :frowning:

Best thing is go and start posting in one of theirs :slight_smile:

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Then we really need this. :+1:

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Only seen that for the M2P/Z … not seen any advice for the M1P.

I’m not sure if they moved the position of the GPS in the M2 … somewhere in the back of my mind I believe I read that they had. :man_shrugging: