Skipool Creek - Added to Rivers and Canals in North West

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 533

Park anywhere on Wyre Road which is very little used but there is a free car park anyway. There are ample places to fly from along the river estuary. It is a very old no longer used port used by smugglers allegedly, which now is littered with old dis-used boats and yachts but also some houseboats and a few working boats. Yacht club at end of road and to the left a public path round the club into a very large currently empty field with 2 paths over a style to public right of ways. Other open spaces around also. Nobody much to bother you and lots of boats with tall masts to negotiate around and the river of course. A good place for beginners with open space and a few challenges if you want.


@Fatboy what about here.

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Looks good to me how far from where you are going will you be going there

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It’s about 25min away. I’ll only go up if you want to meet up.

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I can meet you at ramp city where you are doing your roof inspection and we can go from there

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Sounds like a plan.


Should have added be careful to check for high tide as road can sometimes flood quickly and you can get trapped. Friend with wife and dog parked up in car park for walk down Wyre Road today and almost got trapped in. Driving car through flooded road not good even if you can reach it!

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High Tide table might help somebody


Nice place to fly, though make sure you’re prepared for muddy conditions :slight_smile:

At low tide don’t fly too low as a startled flock of wading birds can spoil your flight :wink:

Beware the stroppy owners at the big house, used to be a restaurant, positioned just before the entrance to the yacht club.

They claim it is a private road and have house deeds to prove it and claim they rather than Fylde council and HM The Queen own the land leading down to the river and the foreshore. A very popular walk and a council car park on the road would indicate that is boll***s. Mind you the car park is a known Dogging venue so I’ve heard.:roll_eyes:
They claim you are photographing their house etc. etc. even when your drone is clearly over the river and pointing away and you are not even on the road. Police are threatened to which I replied “tell them to hurry as I will only be here another hour or so” so write my car reg down and they can call on me later. Best to ignore them if they turn out.