SkyRC T200 - Issues (Grrr)

Hi all,

Thought would seperate me battery issues from my new build thread. I factory reset the T200, and tried to balance (see video below):

I actually changed the Amps to 4A and started it again not long into the above process, as realised that 1.5A on 3000mAh was 0.5C! Below is a video (sorry the screen can’t be seen well) after an hour of the above

It’s not good, never finishes, though is close. Now I stupidly (was it stupid?! you tell me), decided to discharge the battery (says discharges to 3.0-3.3V), which left overnight (OK not good), woke up to a zero charged battery (the screen stated finished in 20 mins)… WHAT? Have I ruined this battery now? Photo below:

BTW manual for the charger is here:

If you’ve discharged to 0 volts then yes you’ve just disposed of your battery.

Also on a note of safety lipo batteries should NEVER be left unattended while charging or discharging.

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Also from your video, you’re selecting balance not balance charge the balance function will just balance the cells to the nearest voltage. You need to select balance charge.

Also for a 1C charge of that 3000mah it would be 3amps :+1:t2:

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Cheers Deano. Didn’t expect it to discharge to 0v (manual says 3 to 3.3V for discharge). I think it said 1.74 over the 2 cells on T200, the little battery meters didn’t even register it.

I do understand the NEVER. I was upstairs awake for balance, though did go bed for the discharge. It’s all off, and the battery in a lipo safe bag whilst I’m at work BTW :slight_smile:

I’m worried the T200 is not good, but I guess they all have an margin or error on the voltage readings, but after over an hour charging from 4 to 4.2V balance it should have finished surely?!

I thought you had it then… But it did go from 4 to 4.2ish, just never finished. Seems there is only ONE balance mode, which is charge. I should always balance charge I’ve been told, and what is a good Amp setting for a 3000mAh battery?


Are you getting the same result when using the A channel of the charger?

Your charger, like many similar chargers, are an evolution of the IMAX B6 four button charger from SkyRC, and thusly each channel operates independently with the only commonality being the supply to each charger board.

3amp for a 1C charge rate. :+1:t2:

Nidge, yeah had used the A channel before, and cell 1 was dropping, think this is when I got nearly a 1V discrepancy over the 2 cells… Which isn’t good (read 0.1V is where you wanna be max). I guess margin of error exists, but to what extent. Wish could calibrate it, but don’t have a 6S battery, maybe time to invest. Just worried of ruining the 4S’s which are turning up for my new build on a defective charger.

Here was a similar attempt on channel A a few days ago. The starting differences very close (0.1-0.2), as you can see… .4 out… different battery. Will just keep to charging them in the Radiomaster I think


My SkyRC charger says “Balance CHG” for the balance charge option… yours just says balance… odd

At work now, and thought boy he got it! Will check tonight for sure, but the manual only shows one though, and pretty sure might have noticed, dunno… It did bring up the Vs though from 4ish to 4.2ish

You’ll need to get a new battery now though anyways as I’m pretty sure you’ve killed that 3000mah 2S to an unrecoverable state…

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Yeah shame :frowning: I have 2, and only use em in the radio, so will wait before I order another to pay day *(next Friday), just spent a silly amount yesterday on the new 5 inch, lol. I’m obv. concerned of destroying the new 4S’s is all with this charger as it’s the only one I have!

Discharge shouldn’t have zero’d it though? I am correct there?

I think that setting is for if you wish to dispose of your old tired batteries, discharge then to 0v to make them safe for disposal.

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I did email SkyRC the other day, and like @Sparkyws said in my original Build thread the calibration seems to be the same as Q200. Great. Their reply is below. I don’t have a 6S or something I’d trust is showing the correct voltage on it anyway. Though I do have two of those small voltage meters, and a multi meter. Still would need a 6S battery! heh

T200 Voltage Calibration

1, Prepar a 6S LiPo battery with voltage of each cell in between 3.9-4.2V. The higher the voltage of each cell is, the better for the calibration.
2, Go through the program, and select BATT METER. After entering, press and hold START button to activate the calibration process.
3, Select the voltage of each cell, and set it as per the voltage shown on the Fluke.
4, After the voltage calibration is done, press and hold START button to store the data.

May be you could use a 2s and move the balance lead up 2 at a time setting the voltage, in fact you just need a know voltage supply that is close to 4.2v and use that

Just got me 4S for the new quad and trying out storage charge on one. 1.5A for a 1500mAh 4s. Worked in 20 mins. Just doing the other 2 and the voltages across all 4 cells seem good.

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Normally new batteries come at storage voltage already :thinking:


Well I got 15 down as storage for 4S. Was around 15.4. this is the guide I’ve laminated…

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I just go by the rule of 3.8v per cell what ever the S rating :+1:t2: