SkyWise app to be withdrawn from 30 November 2022

The app is to be closed down
Had the email today, i use it extensively anyone else use it be aware you will have to subscribe to email

Please note that the SkyWise app will be discontinued on [Wednesday 30 November 2022](calendar:T2:Wednesday 30 November 2022) and will not display any new notifications that are published after this date.

Feedback from industry and user data shows that most people prefer to receive SkyWise notifications via an email subscription or by visiting the SkyWise website.

If you currently use the SkyWise app we recommend that you create an email subscription for your chosen categories if you haven’t already done so and then uninstall the app.

All notifications published within the last 12 months are available on the SkyWise website and can be read without a subscription.

The SkyWise website will be upgraded on 30 November as part of our continued development of the system and will introduce more options for searching and filtering notifications. The website can be used both to create an email subscription and to unsubscribe from the service.

Existing email subscriptions are not affected by these changes.

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I didn’t even know they had an app for it, I’ve only ever used the web site :grimacing:

(And email subs)

I’ve had the app for a long time but never found it very good - seemed to loose the subscription settings all the time and hence bo alerts. Every time I used it I had to reset my settings so I don’t think I’ll miss it too much :man_shrugging: :+1:

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As said, only ever received emails. Not much is for drone pilots but well worth having.