Skyzone 030 fpv goggles and a mavic 2 pro?

Just wandering is there a way to use skyzone goggles with a mavic 2? would be good to be able to use for mavic 2 as well as my race quads? Thanks in advance for any help :+1: :+1:

If the skyzone have a HDMI in you can use an Nvidia K1 shield to extend the GO screen…:+1:

:+1: :+1: :+1: Thanks,will see i can find a shield,quite cheap as well… :+1: :+1:

I have a tablet with a dedicated HDMI port, a Teclast TBook 11 with Android and Windows operating systems, which I have occasionally connected my Flysight goggles to. It does become a little awkward when you need to access a feature in the APP but if it’s a one you use often you can assign a custom button to it.

I’ve also used a lightening to HDMI cable with my iPad but this system requires an external USB power source, couple that with a battery for the goggles, you start to end up looking like a cable tree.


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I fly my Parrot Disco via the Nvidia to DJI Goggles RE or Fatshark SE.

I use mine exclusively for FPV Apps only, all other apps are a waste of resources, I’ve just turn them off or remove them altogether…:+1:

@FIREFOX you’ll need this adapter…

Mini HDMI Adapter Mini HDMI C Male to HDMI Female A High Speed with Ethernet | eBay

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Thank you,now ordered a couple,cheers. :+1: :+1: