Skyzone Cobra X opinions

If you can wait for a short time we have The Big Meet coming up between the 10th-12th June. If you can make it there, should be lots of us there with various different goggles that you will be able to try out to see which you prefer. Last year it was excellent and fully expecting this year to be even better :star_struck:


That’s good to know and a very good point, I had a feeling they might be bringing something out soon but wasn’t counting on this possibility. This being the case I might wait a bit longer, might pay off big time (or people might just keep their existing goggles an buy the new digital one or a vrx) anyways, I could wait a bit further, or try to…lol

This sounds like fun and would actually give me an opportunity to check out the various goggles and meet some of you. Just not sure getting there would be easy for me but I’ll keep an eye out and maybe join the fun…


If youre available I could always pick you up on my way if you wanted a lift? The only thing is Im planning on being there for the whole weekend. If you can do the whole weekend I can drop you back on my way home

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Wow, that is very generous of you. Thank you! I;ll let you know closer to the date if I go, can’t decide on it yet as I have a few things going on already, but again, really appreciate the gesture. :+1: