Skyzone Cobra X opinions

Hi all,

Like many in this hobby, I’m going through the process of choosing my first set goggles and given the limited budget I have at the moment I want to make sure I don’t mess it up.
Btw, until I get one, I have a makeshift goggle using a smartphone on a vr goggle paired with an analog receiver (the skydrone/eachine kind), which is ok for the stage (beginner) I’m at and the drone (tinywhoop) that I’m flying…

From all my research so far, it seems that the goggles in question, Cobra X, are the best choice for me given the conditions. This assertion was based on countless youtube reviews, but never actually tried one, or any other for that matter.
What I would like to know, is the opinion of “real” users and how good or bad it really is. So for those who own, or have owned one, is it worth it? How was/is your experience with them ? Would you recommend something else instead (~ £200)?

thank you

@Earwig and @gunja99 both use these…

Love my cobra x v2. I know the guys with their slimline goggles … Meh! They say size/weight is an issue but DJI goggles as large and heavie, ok not an issue of you never going to get DJI. You get more or less top notch receiver (slightly outdone by one other but not much), 720 and hdmi in. Never got on with the fatshark style. DVR is great and funnily enough was looking at the price this morning 160 quid give or take. Can add hdzero if I do ever go down that route.

You will want better antennas (though flew in garden with the supplied ones to his AM and was fine). But you will probably do that with any goggle. Also not tried (as don’t need) glasses apparently fit well

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For me… to be honest… I love my slimline goggles, mainly because they look sooooo cooolll! :sunglasses: Especially in go-faster-red :racing_car: !!!

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One battery lasts me a couple of hours then you can power from a usb bank or barrel connector to an xt60. Update firmware quite easy too

heh they do look better than box, but really… We all look like d**cks with anything on our faces! lol! For £160 + antennas… What else could you get?!

Yeah I think they are more practical for my damn silly eyes…

But so cool! :kick_scooter:

(oops hang on…)

:racing_car: (better)

Thx @Yith and @gunja99 for your opinions.

I have to agree that the slimline ones don’t look as bad on the face plus are a bit lighter, which when considering a hdzero vrx added to it, woulld make a bit of a difference. But spec wise, they are on par with the top tier ones, apart from the oled bit, so in terms of functionality and performance, it doesn’t seem like they would be lacking…

That doesn’t seem bad at all. What batteries are you using?
One of the biggest complaints around seems to be the battery life, which the firmware update had improved a bit.
My tx (Zorro), doesn’t have long battery life either, probably around the 2 hour mark to, so a power bank for longer sessions was already being thought of… So to me, this is not an issue, at least for the time being…

All the fatsharks have batteries strapped to their heads anyways so no different! Does counter weight a bit. Using 1 18650 cell in there is all then a Anker slim battery pack,never had an issue of running out during the day. Nice you can usb or barrel connector think that’s unique

Brendan now has his battery in his pocket…

Yeah it’s how I do it, though I find with my VR it’s nice to counter balance on back of head (use safer USB batteries for that, I get why you might not like your son to have a lipo strapped to his head!)

Nothing to do with me… it’s his decision and not based on safety.

To be honest if one was to go, you’d feel the heat on your head well before it burst into flames… unlike in your pocket!

Hmmm… Off to sort a head strap for battery, lol…

I have pictured this exact scenario, very convenient feature and it works the same for my radio as well

Great. With the TX16S and the recommended 2S 5,000mah battery I go days without charging that (flying and sim time), don’t even charge my smaller spare anymore :slight_smile:

Not much to add, really. My main reason for purchase was to accommodate my glasses, which they do very well. Performance is more than adequate. No complaints.

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Yeah, the only downside of the Zorro, if I had to pick one… But nothing major…

Thx dude, appreciate your input.

It is likely that I will end up with one as well. I’m holding off as much as I can in case some good offer comes around. I think if I had to stretch it a bit, the skyzone 04L would be a great option, the current price is around £290, maybe if an offer on those show up at some point I might jump on it… Looking at the bigger picture though (£££), the Cobra is what makes more sense, especially considering future drone purchases…

My son brendan has those. They are very good.

Always good to have input from those with experience. thx @Yith The only difference between those and the 04x is the lcos screen and the huge price gap, with that alone you could buy a drone or a hdzero/sharkbyte vrx . Its mental when you stop to think about it…

Hdzero will bring out a new goggle. It wont be for a few months yet, but when they do, the oled second hand market may get flooded with hdo2’s and skyzone o4x’s