Slowly getting there

This is my 4th week… I think… Slowly getting there gents, only problem being that I’ve never had to fix it so many times!!! The amount of crashes is unreal. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I can’t figure out how to actually put up a video so a link will have to do. :joy:


You can’t embed TikTok videos here, its an issue at their end so the only way at the moment is as you have done (or upload it to youtube/vimeo if you want an embed)

Ah right, ok. I’ll try remember that for future, cheers mate. :+1:t2:

Nice flying :+1:
How many packs have you been flying on average during this period?

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You are flying very well indeed for your 4th week! Well done!

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I was playing around with freestyle to start with, as in, playing around at work or up the park since my first thread on here. Watched a local group doing racing so decided that’s way more fun. Been flying 8 packs every week. So 32 packs in total at racing so far. To be fair, the guys at the racing have been really helpful with advice and things to try. Can’t fault them one bit.

edit just checked my build thread, was out just before 19th Feb for first flight playing in a field with freestyle. :+1:t2:

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Pretty good. You’re learning it at a very good pace!

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Cheers mate, can’t take all the credit though. The guys have genuinely been a great help, same with the guys on here. :+1:t2:

I do however have to fix things all the time now, used to just be props but now and again we see the soldering iron on the field. :joy:

Im not on that level yet but I can imagine… things to look forward to eh…lol

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Flying or racing with a group of people made a huge difference for me. I’ve came on quicker and having an absolute blast whilst doing it. Also began twisting my head in all sorts of directions whilst trying to get under gates. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Makes sense. Gathering with people and having fun together is :ok_hand:

I can relate with the head/body twisting motions…

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