Smart Controller Help (Blue Light)

I am over 79! I have purchased a Mavic 2 Pro with a smart controller,
I have flown it and am very pleased with it.
My big problem now is. every time I now turn my smart controller on I have a blue flashing light where it should be green.
I have spent hours looking at YouTube and tutorials to no avail.
When turning on drone and Smart Controller, I have blue light flashing on controller, and green light on drone showing paired and camera is working.
Please help.
Frustrated Johnnyboy


Hi @johnnyboy and welcome to GADC, Ive changed the title of your post so you might get some help with your issue.

Lots of SC users on here, I’m sure one will be along soon.

Hi John,

Although the camera is working and the drone shows as paired, have you tried re-pairing the controller and drone?

  1. Turn on your drone
  2. On the bottom of your drone are two small doors, one on either side of the body. One is where the memory card goes, the other has a small button inside. With the drone powered on, press the small button until the front LEDs flash yellow

  1. Turn on your smart controller.
  2. Select ‘Connect’ on the front screen.
  3. Choose Mavic 2 Pro from the list of drones
  4. After a few seconds the two will pair, and it should populate the name. Click OK

Does that help?


Hi there Joe.

Firstly many thanks for your expedited response. Sadly it didn’t solve the problem. No mater what I do that annoying blue light on the Smart Controller stays on no matter what.

Having tried your remedy several times I was drawn towards doing a factory reset to the Controller therefore re signing in ect.still to no avail.

Because of certain other aspects I have a strong feeling there is a fault with the controller’s hard/software.

As and when the shop reopens I’ll be taking it back and possibly try another controller!

Once again your input was greatly received.

(johnnyboy) John :airplane:

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Hi John. What are the other things that make you think it’s a fault?

One other suggestion I’d read when looking around was to try calibrating the controller sticks. Might already be part of the factory reset, but if not might be worth a couple of minutes to give it a go?

Swipe down from the top of the screen for the setup menu, select ‘Control Stick Calibration’ and just follow the onscreen instructions.

From the Smart Controller manual, status LED meanings:

Blinks blue- the remote controller is linking to an aircraft

Blinks cyan- the control sticks are not centred

Solid green- the remote controller is linked to an aircraft.

I am guessing this is why Joe suggests you calibrate the control sticks, I don’t know who different the cyan and blue indications are but possibly difficult to tell apart.

Also note there was a firmware update released for the Smart Controller recently, it seems to have fixed a few irrittant on mine most particularly the level of detail on Mapbox finally seems to be what it should.


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Joe, A million thanks. I sort of knew of the joystick calbration but could’nt find the menu and I must say when you posted the menu which shows Control Stick Calibration it was more or less a doddle! On came the Red light on the controller and I then knew more-or -less we were there.
I have managed to start it up and lift it off the ground and hover albeit indoors and indoors is a Static Caravan which inturn is a large tin can!

Can’t wait for tomorrow weather pending.

Joe, a million thanks and I’ll let you know how I got on outside


Hi there GC
Problem solved. Firstly I am so glad I found Grey Arrows Drone Club and indeed the Forum.
Basically and in a nutshell what I was seeing on my controller was a blue light that indicated it needed pairing, however through your simplistic explanation it wasn’t blue but cyan, a total different kettle of fish!

So indeed it was the stick calibration which again was simple to follow and hey ho out went the blue, sorry cyan, an on came the red light followed by a beautiful green.

I did manage to hover it off the groud - indoors which is limited and I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

Once again many many thanks to yourself and indeed milkmanchris for your time and expertise :helicopter:


Excellent news! Hope the weather is in your favour tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Seems like a pretty obvious, and easily avoided, design flaw.

Hi There again with a thousand thanks.
Woke up early this morning and flew in great conditions with no problem, manage to flatten two drone batteries. Had a great day and again many thanks

As always johnnyboy John


Good stuff, glad you are up and running with it. I do like the Smart Controller, quick to get in the air and a bright display.

I often use mine with a powerbank- one of the meaty ones designed for charging the high-end i-phones and airbooks, so long as it is connected using the original charging cable, it fast-charges the Smart Controller at much the same rate as flying discharges it. Which is handy once you’ve got more than a couple of flight batteries.


Hi There again with a thousand thanks.
Woke up early this morning and flew in great conditions with no problem, manage to flatten two drone batteries. Had a great day and again many thanks

As always johnnyboy John

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