Smatree SmaCase D500 for sale [SOLD]

Selling my Smatree SmaCase D500 (Mavic Pro) case!

Only three months old, purchased from Amazon, in mint condition, complete with shoulder strap.

Cost me £50 quid, yours for £25 delivered (or can bring it to a meet up if you want to go for a fly in the north west!)

Mavic not included :rofl:

Sold! :smile: Put my name on it. I’ll PM you to sort out details.

Sorted :+1: :smiley:

Apologies for digging up an old thread.

Been looking for a smaller bag for quick flights and came across this. Is it any good? Was there a reason you got rid of it?

It was brilliant!

It wouldn’t also hold my 7.85 CrystalSky and everything that goes with it :cry:

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As the purchaser I can confirm what @PingSpike said. Great bag. Holds everything securely and is not too big.

Good to know, had one delivered today.