Smoother Settings: Yaw Endpoint, EXP, Gimbal Pitch & buffers

Morning all

Plenty of YouTube tutorials on adjusting the gimbal pitch speed and EXP stick sensetivity, but not so many on the Yaw Endpoint, which also makes such a difference to rotation speeds.

So, as I do, |I made a video on a sunny day last week, and showed how to smooth out both the camera gimbal and the aircraft itself, both of which play their part in smoothing things out…

Ian in London


Hi Ian,

Great video - many thanks.

I am obviously missing something very basic. I have successfully set my gimbal numbers, but the EXP settings are stuck. I can type a new value in, but as soon as I select another box, the numbers retrurn to their previous settings (0.90 for Throttle; 0.90 for Rudder Left/Right; 0.10 for back/Left).

When I select the remote symbol on the other side of the display it has Normal Mode highlighted in blue. Is there some default buttomn I have pressed in error (it is not in Beginner Mode - the switch is off).

Mavic Pro - any help appreciated…


Mike :+1:

PS EDIT - I tried selcting Tripod Mode and Cinematic Mode, but it came uop with an error message “Cannot select this mode before takeoff” - does that sound right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Mike
I’m at a bit of a loss as to why your EXP settings are locked; they are free to edit by clicking on the numbers. You can also edit them by click and dragging the exponent graph line itself.

On the Intelligent Flight Modes; yes, you can only select them after you’ve taken off… Just take off, hover 3 feet in front of you and change the settings.

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Thanks Ian, I think I’ve worked it out now - I just wanted to you to confirm I wasn’t doing anything daft.

I think I was entering the number and, when the value was what I wanted, just clicking on the next box to alter. What I should have been doing was pressing Return. I have now done this and am about to take a test flight with the new settings!

Thanks again,

Mike :+1:

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Just got back in - what a difference! I can only compare it with flying a Chipmunk (very slight stick movement - huge effect) compared with flying a Cessna (control surfaces work largely in an advisory capacity). Much smoother picture and easier to control. :+1:

I will try to get out and shoot some proper footage, rather than aerial views of my neighbours’ houses tomorrow… :laughing:



Excellent stuff! Glad it’s working! I did laugh; not being a small plane pilot, I literally thought “why would you throw a chipmunk?” until I got to the word Cessna (which of course I did recognise as a small plane)…

We supposedly have a good week of weather ahead! Get out there! :slight_smile:

Was heading towards Happisburgh Lighthouse today to fly the Pro, but it got mistier and mistier as we approached the coast. Not being in possession of an instrument rating, I decided to call it a day, and went home (via a very pleasant pub lunch :+1: ) and decided to have another go tomorrow, if the weather is any better.

Hey-ho - Spring will arrive eventually… :yum:

That was yesterday! You missed it? :stuck_out_tongue:

“I’m sooo looking forward to summer…it’s my favourite day of the year”

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Aw come on!! We’ve already had two ‘heatwaves’ of +28’c this year :slight_smile: and it’s not even June!

This will be the long hot summer we’ve been waiting for… (famous last words…)


I fly a DJI mavic 2 pro and ive been asked how do i manage to pan, turn, and scroll so smoothly ?
a lot to do with trial and error with my controller setting, but here is some jpeg of my controller settings, before you try them do take a copy of your own setting before hand in case you don’t like these. this is a video of me free hand flying using the settings,


Hi @jaybee

My settings are exactly the same!

I’m so pleased I discovered these… they’ve really smoothed things out.


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So how do you smooth out ma2 with dji fly pls

@ianinlondon you owe me a beer for sending traffic your way


We scratch each other’s backs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never actually considered changing some settings but definitely going to have a look at these over the next few days seeing the weather’s a bit better at the moment :+1:

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