Snap Adapter for Mavic Mini - How mad is this

Bought it to use as a mount for a strobe.
Write on the screen which lights up and flashes. :grin:

I’ll take it from your reaction that you didn’t know this existed? :blush:

Correct, no idea

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Should it read “If you can read this then you’re too close”?

Or alternatively write your operator I.D. on it and claim it’s your electronic remote identification.



Why would you actually need one of these? I can’t figure it out

Nobody ever ‘needs’  99% of all drone accessories :blush:


I do I do I do it’s still our honeymoon period!

Having a new drone seems a bit like having a new girlfriend - When it’s all new and interesting youll do anything you can to make it do more, last longer and come home to you LOL!