It’s always a little annoying, when you find a secluded anchorage and someone gets there before you. This time, though, they were in an identical boat, Varne 27. Not many of them made. We had a great long chat and will probably meet up again.


Haven’t sailed since I was a teenager, but I must confess that a nice 30ft yacht to pootle about on the west coast is something of a daydream of mine. Looks idilic. :slight_smile:

When it’s good, it’s amazing, When it’s bad, you wonder why you ever did it! Most years you could have 3 flotilla holidays in Greece for the same cost!

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Those two statements are incompatible. :wink:

Haha! Agreed, although I’ve never done the latter.

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I did once … did some delivery work for the company in following years.

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