Snow scenes from today

Had a 15 minute gap between the snow stopping and the rain starting, not ideal but long enough for a Toney planet and a few shots. I’m I addicted… probably lol


Cool. I was all ready yesterday, batteries charged, knew where I was going to walk to - and it never actually stopped snowing. It almost did, but not quite. And today, something of a thaw has set in, the wind has got up, and it’s all looking too drab. Very frustrating, so pleased to see you managed to get out

It was really touch and go for me as well. literally waited for the snow to stop and shot out, had one battery and had to come down towards the end as the drizzle started which quickly turned into rain. Sadly, like for you the snow has now all pretty much gone. Who knows when it will be back…

Looks great JC!

Which canal is that?

I think the bookies are probably bricking it now in case we have a white Christmas :rofl:

Aha, finally managed to fly this morning - though it was a bit chilly (-7C). It’s not as pretty as it was on Sunday, but this is sunrise over Oxfordshire today.


No snow here, anyway, but I did look out of the window at about 7am and think “pretty”, then looked at the weather station beside my bed and think “pretty cold” … and went back to sleep. :wink:

It was worth getting out there…

It’s nice and sunny now, but work gets in the way. I did have a big scare, I was ignoring the low battery warning, taking aerial photos of the house, when it suddenly announced “Critical battery, will return to home in 10 seconds” (or something like that). Which given I’d taken off at an angle from sort of under a tree didn’t sound like a good plan. Anyway, I’m sure it took longer than 10 seconds but managed to land safely .


@PingSpike is the (small) river Delph (had to look that up lol).

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Lovely blankets of snow there!

You really have to watch the batteries in this weather. I try to land or at least come back with 50% left just in case, not worth chancing it I think.

Beautiful shots, @Renni-Aire. Congrats on becoming GADC’s first Ice Flyer badge winner! :smiley:

I too think you deserve The ICE FLYer Badge @Jcborden

Thanks @Londroner

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As these are all valid :smiley: