So close to losing my Mavic Air in the water!

A really big lesson learnt by me yesterday about being over confident when it comes to time left on battery to get my Mavic Air to return home, especially over water.

I had been flying a lot over water on the day and was on my last battery (of 3). I had left a key shot that I wanted to too late in the day. So when I had the 30% warning I thought no problem, I will do this shot but continued longer than I expected. Ignoring the RTH messages, I suddenly see the message that ‘not enough battery to RTH and the aircraft is landing’ - PANIC as the aircraft was right over water. You will see from the video that the MA continues to loose height and this is nothing to do with me but the aircraft to trying to land. I then have another panic about where I am (no reason why - as I knew!) and this is why you see the mavic air turning quickly in the video.

I just get it back over land with literally inches to spare, and then go and fly it straight into a large concrete block!!

I am really glad that the only damage seems to be a very tiny mark on the noes and a few marks on my props - which I have now changed all 4 just to be on the safe side.

So maybe not quite ready for a Mavic 2 Pro… but probably deserving of a plonker badge!!! :roll_eyes:


Good job on getting it home, a lesson learnt me thinks :brain::+1:


Thanks Paul and yes, big time!

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Definately worthy of a plonker badge.

You were really lucky there mate.

Glad you got it back.


And I had been so chuffed, not event come close to a bang before yesterday -

Thanks for the Plonker badge - looks like I am in fine company with that one!!!


Your getting the buttock clencher badge as well for this one. :rofl:


Ooh feeling that, could be worse it could be swimming in the briney

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I literally winced at the point of impact :cry:

Very wise changing all four props. Have you flown it since Brian? Is the gimbal and camera ok?

I couldn’t tell from the video, but was it still auto-descending while you were trying to bring it back over dry land?

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Thanks Callum - I didn’t know there was such a badge, and really, really didn’t want to earn one…:flushed:


Thanks Rich

Gimbal and camera all seem fine. I had been meaning to do an gimbal adjustment check and all good. Haven’t flown yet due to weather but will take out later this week to a ‘safe site’ to be sure.

Luckily, I think it hit the rock above the camera on the casing nose The slight damage is much less than you would think from the video. You wouldn’t see it without a close look.

Yes, it was auto descending as I was flying it back. Have to confess that I was panicked and didn’t try and elevate, I was just trying to get back over dry land!!!

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phew, my arse was tweaking for you there @BrianB.
Also spooky!, as I came over that road bridge at Hayling Island only on Friday afternoon, and thought “shall I stop for a session” as there was a nice boozer and old windmill on the right as I crossed.
well earned badges though !.
I should really get a “plonker” badge as I had just flown at Hayling Island, and it was while there I done a session, and the Mavic Pro Go4 App was telling me that it would save to cache on phone!, er!..
who had forgot to put a card in the bird !! Meeeeee !.
Proving the point that even us more experienced members get it wrong sometimes !!.
PS the card was sitting in my Laptop back at our accomodation


A very good job indeed,Brian b,you were in nearly the same spot where i nearly got caught out with the wind,last sunday.I only managed to get mine back because i remembered seeing on you tube that sports mode is your friend:open_mouth:only got mine home against the wind using sports mode ,and a valuable lesson learned,as callum rightly said.Glad you got her back home with no more than a few scuffed props:+1::+1:

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I was flying over water - collosion avoidance off.
Had to return to home and change battery.
Then I figured I’d fly drone as fast as pos between 2 concrete posts…but totally ballsed the aim and by the time the drone was in my line of sight it was a couple of meters away from impacting with concrete . I was relieved to find that when I changed the battery , collision avoidance was turned back on by default.
I was certain I was about to smash my MP but what I saw was impressive. The MP stopped very abruptly . On a six pence . It looked incredible . Wish I could have videoed it as the gimbal smoothed it out the Fpv and took out all the drama.

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Another testament, as to just how good the MP,and of course,nearly all DJIi drones are,not to mention,other makers like YUNEEC,AUTEL,PARROT,glad you had no damage:open_mouth::+1:,exciting times now,with all the tech that is emerging in the drone world.Happy flying,and be safe :+1:

Glad you got it back. I’ve lost a drone in the river by thinking I had more battery than I did. Washed up a week later. Thought I might be one of the first to have some underwater quadcopter footage but the video file was corrupted :frowning:

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Really? I’ve had it off for months without it coming back on.
Which Go4 version are you using?

The latest version - that supports M2P and zoom.
I was surprised myself.
i’m trying to get back head around what settings get reset and what don’t when the battery is removed from drone.
i.e some or all camera setting - i.e AEB resets to one shot whereas jpg, jpg+raw, raw does not.
Obstacle avoidance definitely reset.

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I’m on 4.2.16, still.
I’ve never noticed anything reset.
Damn … another thing to add to that “I must test this” list.!

Just powered mine up after battery change … OA still off.
How strange.

DJI should specify what parameters are volatile and what’s not. Would save me a huge ball ache with pre flight checks.

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