So this happened today

I made this and put a shortened version on Instagram. Pretty quickly the hotel got in touch wanting to use it in promo material.

It’s made my mind up to, a) get a pro 2 or zoom and b) do my PfCO


Love it Lee !!, Well done!.
(p.s… Mavic 2 Pro !:+1:)

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I’m leaning that way to be honest

You would’nt regret it !!, superb bird ! (and Camera)

Nice and slow Lee great shot that man in a hat spoils it though :wink:


My tutor at uni told me, dont buy expensive zoom lenses, stand closer to what you want to photograph.

4k gives a lot of room for zooming in post ;o)

Great video by the way.

That’s why I love my fixed 50mm on the SLR

My goto lens back the day Canon EF 50 1.2L fantastic glass.

What a wanker he is…

One of the first drone videos I saw that got me interested was low and slow so I’ve always wanted to try that. This was my first time out over open ocean too

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Smooth, very smooth, beautifully done :clap:

I hope you charged them - or got vouchers for a few nights free stay :wink:

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better still a free bar for the duration of your stay !.
Excuse to get pissed every night !!

Great shots, great colour.

BTW, if you cut back into the tail of the outgoing shot by the length of the mix and into the head of the incoming shot by the same, you won’t get that brief still-frame stutter during the mix.


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