So what are you printing today

Couldn’t see a thread for this so figured I would start one…

Given that some/a lot of quad fliers also do 3D printing let’s see what your working on at the moment…

For me it’s goggle shims for the dji fpv goggles

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You have caught me at a bad moment!

I’m having problems with PETG. It’s supposed to stick like s*** to a blanket but the first layer is behaving more like snot in a non-stick pan.

I am running through all variants of bed and extruder temperatures, initial Z position, speed and extruder retraction. It’s got to the point where I feel like PM’ing @callum and asking for a loan of his £D printer boots!

The intention is to print some home designed parts for my 550 dodecacopter project - earlier parts printed fine in translucent PETG but the black just doesn’t want to behave.


Size 9 if you need them :joy:

Try a little glue stick on the bed

Or some hairspray.

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Tried both. Neither work. Heated glass bed which PETG has a reputation for being impossible to remove from. PLA has always printed without any problems. ABS has been trickier but certainly adheres. It’s just this spool of black PETG, translucent printed ok. But I want the part ( a canopy) in black!

I’m thinking it may be due to the printer not being enclosed. Macspite Towers is unheated for the most part and subject to draughts, especially when the hound decides it’s on the wrong side of a door and makes a dramatic entrance. I’ve had overnight prints work perfectly in ABS up to about 0300 when El Dogablo decides to venture outside to torment the nocturnal mammals.

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Some people swear by blue decorators tape

But you sound experienced so have probably tried it already :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my last print
Rear light holder for TBS Discovery
Now have to think about the front one :thinking::thinking:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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