So... what's on your bench at the moment?

Whilst many GADC members fly ‘out of the box’ drones there are quite a few of us who like to build our own.
I, for one, seem to spend more time building than flying.
In this category let’s share what we are up to with our quad builds and benefit from our fellow members experience.


Well, yesterday my Source One frame arrived, although I’ve loads of work to catch up with I couldn’t resist the urge to look at it.
(wife reckons I need no reason to get distracted, just happens, all the time.)

Screwed it together with the supplied hardware,
I already have in stock a DYS 4-in-1 ESC, F7 flight controller, camera, GPS, TBS receiver and LiPo’s so off to a good start.

Files grabbed from Thingiverse, so GPS and VTX antenna mounts printed last night.


Planning to change the screws, I’m not a lover of hex ‘button’ heads so will be changing to ‘cap’ heads and 5mm longer so I can add M3 nyloc nuts for added security.

Ordering my motors in next few days, I was looking at T-Motor F60 Pro III but taking @wyntrblue and @evilbobbins advice going for the EMAX Eco 2306 2400Kv’s. half the price and if they are good enough for these guys they are good for me too. :smiley:
Being fitted with Azure JohnnyFPV tri-bladers

So that’s on my bench at the moment … what’s on yours ???

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Forget fitting the gps. It’s just not worth it. Happy to help out with config etc…
Also what are you adding nilocks to?

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Hi James
When I can fly as well as you, I’ll ditch the GPS :open_mouth:
At the moment I want/need ‘GPS Rescue’ in Betaflight.
At least I’ve moved off iNav LOL
Putting the nyloc’s on the four outer screws after they protrude through the plate inserts, in preference to ‘threadlocking’
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you talking about the screws on the top plate? Is so you don’t need thread lock or nilocks
Or are you referring to the arm screws? Again no need for threadlick

Outer arm screws
Belt n braces

Totally not worth doing! Not had one come loose ever and if you break an arm it adds a level of annoying to swapping it in the field. My advise is don’t bother.

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I had a nice set of nut spinners for Christmas
I need to use them HAHA

I need to find my bench at some point. Covered in wires and blobs of solder.


In regards to what’s on my bench (kitchen table when I get time)

1 zoefpv unicorn build
1 armattan badger build (pending parts)
Still need to setup my t16 and bind to the stuff running crossfire which needs updating.

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No pictures, yet, I’m afraid but I’m currently doing a bunch of upgrades, builds, and rebuilds.

  1. Upgrading the the propulsion system on my DJI F550 from the original 30Amp Opto ESC’s and Red 2212 motors to the DJI E310 propulsion system.

  2. With the hardware from my DJI F550 (Motors & ESC’s) I’m building a S500 quad and using the Pixhawk from my Deadcat as the flight controller. I’m also using the retract mechanisms from a downed warbird to upgrade the landing skids.

  3. Deadcat: As I’m removing the Pixhawk from this quad to use in the S500 I’m going to resurrect a KK2 board and turn this quad into a general thrasher.

  4. KingKong 300Hex: As standard this came with a CC3D flight controller but I’m now in the process of replacing this with a MiniAPM with GPS for no specific reason.

  5. Just before XMAS I bought a job lot of Reptile Frames and DJI arms off eBay. I’m currently installing some Jeti ESC’s, 1100kv Tmotor Pro’s, and a Naza M Lite, flashed to V2.

  6. A couple of years ago I bought a Hobbyking SK450 RTF package in one of their sales for £30. I’m removing the KK2 flight controller (See Deadcat Project) and replacing this with a FlyShark X6 GPS flight controller bought in the same sale for £20.

  7. Not so much a build but more investigative maintenance. I have an ImmersionRC Xugong ProV2 with NazaV2, E310 Propulsion System, GoPro Gimbal and FPV flight cam. I recently swapped out my 2.4GHz FrSky system for an EzUHF system. The issue is that the onboard electronics are throwing out a lot of interference on the EzUHF band, 430MHz to 460MHz. The Naza and it’s PMU are the major culprits. I’ve managed to dig-up some ferrite clamps, acquired some adhesive copper tape from Amazon, and waiting for the delivery of a metal case for the Naza from Hobbyking - I bought the last one from Hobbyking’s Intl warehouse yesterday.

So enough to keep me busy and away from any form of social interaction.




Wow, you are busy.
My workshop and garage are crammed so I only really manage one thing at a time, linear mind these days anyway :laughing:

1, fancy some T-Motor MT2216 900KV v2 motors? got 4+spare as new, reasonable price :slightly_smiling_face:

5, any reptile frames going cheap ?

7, I have stocks of the NAZA metal case if you get stuck

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the generous offers, @Steviegeek

So that’s where they all went! The only other place I was able to find them was Aliexpress, a source I haven’t used as yet.

Re Reptile frames, my wording was a little misleading as what I bought was a joblot of DJI arms, but the package included a 450 size Reptile frame and what looks like a 300/350size Reptile looking frame which uses the standard DJI arms.

Re T-Motors, I have a few other projects in the planning stage including a Mini-Talon kit I bought a few years ago which I have yet to unpack.

When I get the current projects completed, and if you haven’t found a use for them yourself, I may hit you up.

Many thanks.


I had two broken diatone 349s which I have now successfully transformed into one working 349…


Hi Tom
Always good to reuse parts, and no doubt some spares for the working one :+1:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this seem like a good deal to you guys? I’m thinking of picking it up…

Hi Tom
Hmmm. debatable, depends if you want to fly it or thinking of it as a cheap source for parts.

15A ESC’s are too small, a few strong punch-outs will pull more than 60A from a decent C rated LiPo.
Camera is basic and fixed at horizon, not much use for FPV’ing
Not familiar with this frame, but I’ve just bought a Source One frame for about 30quid, 6mm carbon, really strong. no-brainer at that price for a fast 250 size
There’s no controller, no VTX etc.
Build quality is poor, though I accept that’s a subjective comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

So all you really get that’s worthwhile is 4 out-dated motors. New EMAX Eco motors are only £9.93 each from UnmannedTech (see my earlier post #2)

So all I’m going to say is that I would not buy it.
I’m sure there’s plenty of better buys to be had.

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s off to a bad start when you see the main power lead and XT60 slap dash wrapped in cheap electrical tape. It’s obvious it’s had a hard life and anything of value has already been removed.

I’m in agreement with @Steviegeek, stay clear. The motors are probably the only things that “might” be salvageable but for his asking price you could buy new and better for less

Hold tight and something more suitable, even just for parts, will turn up and will be cheaper.



Thanks Steve! Looked crappy, but at £60 thought it could be worth a shot, you’ve set me straight on that count!

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Nope nopity nope nope…

Save about 150 and get the unmannedtech source one kit

Just waiting on vtx’s to arrive back in stock I’m told

You won’t regret it at all

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