Solar Eclipse today

It has started …

The event will start just after 10:00 when the Moon will begin to pass between the Sun and the Earth.

It will peak nearly an hour later, between 10:50 and 11:00, and end about 11:45 - although times will vary slightly depending on where in the UK you are.


That would explain why the sky’s gone moody :new_moon_with_face:

Totally grey clouds here so might as well have given up before it started.


Blue Peter Solar filter …


It should be at its peak at 11 am, but it looks like it is less than 15 minutes ago …


10:23 GMT


Full-on De-haze/Saturation/Vibrance … a few seconds later.


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That was meant to be 0 saturation … which I rather like …

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Late to the party @clinkadink
I.posted mine almost an hour ago :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for reminding me.

In my panic - I was grabbing the tripod - until I realised it wasn’t going to achieve much @ 1/32,000 sec.


That’ll teach me for believing the news, i.e. peaks at 11 am.

My brain even remembered to change all the rather extreme settings back to normal - before I grabbed the camera in coming days and wonder why everything came out black. :+1:

It was 10.58 up here at its maximum

LOL! Great advice - should have taken it and checked, @clinkadink

(I just forgot altogether! :crazy_face:)

Aww, missed it. :frowning_face: