Some good drone news - but with a caveat

Well, first off, the good news is - I’m Mr January in the Parish Calendar!

No, no, don’t jump to that conclusion, tho maybe a GADC calendar with strategically placed drones?!

Anyway, back on topic, some of you may remember the photo below from last winter. It seemed the ideal one to enter - after all, I was confident nobody else would be entering anything like it. I didn’t win, but came second (there’s an extra competition apart from just getting into the calendar) and unfortunately missed the launch evening (you know the sort of thing, black tie, champagne, flunkies to open everybody’s calendars - well, it’s nothing like that!) as I was walking in Anglesey. So i didn’t get the chance to explain how the photo was taken.

I did get one email puzzled about “the most extraordinary angle, how did you take it” - from 400 feet over the field - but in general it seems the fact that it was taken with a drone was played down - so I was a bit disappointed not to have had the chance to put that right (which I’ve been doing ever since).

Even though the photo is perfectly legal, I was wondering if it would be ignored altogether, so I suppose a small victory, even if the type of camera is being kept a bit of a secret.


Thanks for sharing this, it’s beautiful and shows that we don’t just need to fly in summer for fantastic photo opportunities.

Great photo @Renni-Aire :smiley:

Or should we call you ‘Mr January’ from now on? :thinking: