Some landmarks in Rotherham

This is my first ever video, I’m new to drones, photography and editing. I’ve got to start somewhere and this is it lol :+1:


Hi @Neil :wave:t2:

A bit of (hopefully constructive) feedback for you…

First up, go easy on those video transitions mate - if you’re aiming for a calm and peaceful video then the transitions between clips should also be equally as calm and peaceful.

Next up, be sure to duck for cover re drone code when flying over that church :wink:

Also, until you’ve absolutely nailed smooth gimbal movements, do not include any gimbal movement in your videos - it’ll give people motion sickness :blush: Only include clips of hovering, dead-slow panning, or straight flight. (re 0:22 train)

Last but not least, pick a flight speed and stick with it for the duration of your video. Eg. At 0:32 you start a nice slow orbit of the tower which at 0:39 then suddenly increases in speed by a factor of about eight. I nearly fell out of my chair :rofl:

Loved the asteroid ending :+1:t2:

Hi @PingSpike Rich, cheers for the feedback.
I know I went OTT with the transitions I was having fun playing with them and finding my way around fcpx :relaxed:
When the footage speeds up around the castle I’m not sure why it did that I took the entire shot using quick shot circle mode and then cut a chunk out of the middle of the shot. So I’m going to have to look into why that happened.

Any feedback is appreciated

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It might be part of the mode? :thinking: I’ve never used it so can’t advise on that one I’m afraid.

Agreed, I do the exact same thing :blush:

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Great footage . I have been at it for 5 years and yours are better than mine … Well done .

@shane9377 Thanks Shane appreciate the comment :+1:t2:but still a lot to learn. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube for tips and advice and I think I’ve read pretty much every post on this for :joy:

Same here Neil . Still lots to learn .
Keep up the good work .