Some of my photos

SOME photos i took last year hope you like


You’re making me soooooooooo jealous, now pack it in :rofl:

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Thats the benefits of being scottish and living in scotland

Some lovely shots there John :+1:t2:

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Thanks to everyone on liking my photos

Some beautiful shots there.

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Thank you

Great pics John, is that Tantallon Castle I spot there in the mist in number 5?

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Yipe xmas day 2019 and a cloud inversion and the sun was out

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Cracking photos there @jaybee. Brought back memories of touring the NC500 last year (between the lockdowns). :+1::+1:

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Its a great place to visit with z drone

It was actually the bay I recognised first before I noticed the castle in the mist. I was there in Sept, it’s a great location. I was planning a winter visit until we were locked down.

The above photos are best seen in landscape mode