Some of my resin prints

Anyone else in to resin printing?
I’ve just recently converted to resin printing after searching for a better way of achieving nicer and more detailed prints.

I purchased the Elegoo Mars 3 and after a little trial and error I’ve now started to achieve some amazingly detailed results.

Here is a link to my Instagram that I set up if you fancy seeing my prints………This isn’t a shameless plug for my Instagram, it was just an easy way of me showing some of my prints

If anyone has any questions then I’d be more than happy to answer.

Have a great day !


Nice one Lee.
Where are you based?

Thanks mate.

I’m in Newcastle Under Lyme

Do you work in Barton under Needwood?

Do you design those figurines?

No mate I work in Winsford

Hi Njoro
No the designer is called Fotis Mint.
I’m one of his subscribers on patreon.
I think it costs about £8 a month and you get access to all his past catalog of models as well as new ones each month.


I’ve thought about a resin printer but as I don’t feel it in my bones as something I can be creative with, I can’t justify it at the moment. It’s still in the back of my mind though.

Never mind mate, you’re not the Lee Rolo I know then!

You do realise, that means there’s two of you out there?

Yeah I was like that originally as I like to design with cad but my skills weren’t good enough to create anything as good as these.

I’m good designing practical and functional things but nothing that’s meant for display or for its looks so it put me off a bit until I realised I could just join a patreon and print other people’s designs.

I have a son who’s crazy about warhammer and war gaming etc and he was learning to paint models but was getting frustrated buying and building models only to ruin them during painting, so I bought a printer and could print him around 20-25 models in a few hours for him to practice on just for the cost of a bit of resin and some electricity.

I totally love the quality that resin printers are capable of.

:rofl: i actually went to school with another Lee Rolo too……….he was a bad lad though and having the same name got me dragged in to the headmasters office on more than one occasion when someone said “it was Lee Rolo Sir” :rofl:

Thanks for this … I’ve now watched 50 YouTubes on this subject and will prob spend a fortune once I tell the kids! Expensive this drone stuff isn’t it?

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Yes, 3D Resin printing here too for miniatures to paint. Mars 2 Pro. Also have an FDM printer, mainly for making practical stuff for projects - CAD them up then print them!

Cheers - Rob.

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Nice work Rob!
It’s easy to get carried away with printing isn’t it? :rofl:

Ive currently got the Mars 3 which is my go to resin printer, a Prusa mk3s+ which I use for my practical stuff (I’ve used it twice lol) and I also bought the new Saturn 2 as I liked the 8k and the printing size…….that got delivered after my hand surgery so it’s still sat in the box as of yet :rofl:

I’ve tried my hand at painting but still have a lot of learning to do yet . I’m better with larger pieces (vehicles etc) as I’ve always been in to airbrushing and can achieve a fairly decent finish, it’s my brush skills that let me down.

This is the first piece that I ever brush painted !


Oh and then I started this but lost interest and haven’t finished it yet !

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