Some say it's a fertility symbol - I've no idea why!

This is the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset. You simply can’t see the him properly from anywhere on the ground. He is 60m high and 31m wide. No one knows why or when he was carved; perhaps four hundred years ago, perhaps three thousand, or perhaps somewhere in between.

I did a video but can’t find out how to upload it - could someone please help me. Thanks.

This is what you see from the official viewpoint. It’s the best view most people ever get.

And this is a burial mound I found nearby, several thousand years old.


You’ll need to upload videos to or YouTube.

Then just paste the URL link to the video here, on a line of it’s own, and it’ll automatically embed a video player for you.


This was 8 miles from Dorchester where I grew up.

People used to sleep on the giants ahem and allegedly would get them pregnant.

Never tried it myself for obvious reasons wouldn’t work :joy:


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Small world.

My family still live there but it’s such a quiet and sleepy town, I’m bored whenever I visit