Some Tilt Shift Photos I Made


Hi Guys,
I’ve been a member a while buy haven’t posted anything.
Here are a few tilt shift photos I recently finished.


Like the last photo.
Looks similar to my childhood Dinky toy collection :smiley:
Would be worth a fortune now.


Nice work! What’s the process to create one?


So have you got a tilt shift lens or are you using another method


Normally achieved through making area above and below really out of focus and best when done from looking down, so ideal with a drone. And really good examples here :+1:

Some photo software programmes have it as a filter option.



Love them. They don’t look real. :+1:


Thanks for you comments.

They’re fairly simple to do.

Take a pic at an angle, not too high or too low.

Then I used photoshop to put in foreground and background blurs, the. Increase the saturation to make things slightly more garish, and toy like.

While the recent photoshops have a specific tilt shift filter, any photoshop, GIMP or similar can make the effect.

Try it yourself by googling “tilt shift generator”.

I took the pics with my Mavic Air.


I’ve made these in the past with DSLR pics from good vantage points … with mixed results.

I do like the 2nd one of yours that’s looking almost 3D.


I do like this effect, here’s a little barn


Looks good :+1:


Very nice !


Great work!


Aww, sweet photos of your toy collection!:grinning:


Here’s another.


That looks like a model house on a train board.


Nicely done , very effective :+1:


These are brilliant :smiley: