Something to think about

Shot on my Mavic Pro last week.
I’ve always loved this speech and just wanted to set it to music and video. Filmed in South Wales in near perfect conditions, so that helped! In case you didn’t know, the speech is from The Great Dictator, a movie made by Charlie Chaplin in 1940. Still seems relevant today, sadly.
Thanks to Eric Matayas / Soundimage for the music, it just fit perfectly for this piece!


I’ve not got to 10 secs in - and I can tell you that those conditions aren’t perfect … they’re way better than that! :wink:

And you get the Coastal Flyer badge, too! :+1:

Nice, Dunraven Bay (Southerndown).

I got some from there earlier in the year, I still have it piled up on a hard drive waiting for some time to edit.
I was also there last week with the wife, daughter and dog.

P.S. I’m your first subscriber.


Great Video !, so perfect for the speech,
also Subbed to your channel

Great video @Homer :+1:

And thanks for crediting @EricMatyas in the video too :slight_smile:

Subbed also
Very good use of drone footage to assist the music/narration
Well done

Also subscribed. Great video.

Also nice photos.