Sorely tempted.... AVATA on offer with VERY

Just seen the AVATA is on offer on Very, and they have sent me a 20% off voucher, which means I could get the Pro View Kit and the Flymore Kit for a total of £1040 with 12 months BNPL…

Seems an amazing offer, but I still have the AIR3 to pay for, and hubby is fairly adamant I wont be getting another drone yet… So the question is, how do I persuade him to let me order it, I can easily pay it off before the BNPL is due to be paid…


As with all purchased UAV, when questioned the stock answer is “it was only £50” … until proven otherwise :wink:


Unfortunately he frequents these forums…

@AlbionDrones change the price up there to 50 quid

If it was £50 it would already be on order!

My wifey when she wants something badly my body get attention and as much as i plan in my head don’t give in to temptation but I always fails and give in :sob:

Wham bang wallop she’s got her way.

So Suzanne you know what to do :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hehe true. Btw I meant unfortunate for hiding the price, not that he’s here!!

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Lol, I took it in that way Martin, dont worry, I am happy he is in the forum :slight_smile:

do it, do it, do it, do it. :mega:

Even Mrs Doyle thinks you should do it.


Do it :joy: they are on offer with prime too, so I got one this morning for Eric :joy:


@jcbdriver Now you can join @group-dji-avata :wink:


Not sure what’s in the Very package but the Drone Safe Store has em on offer too.

VERY has them at £1079 + £215 for flymore, then 20% off total making the 2 totgether £1040 inc delivery, and I have 12 months BNPL 0% credit too… Such a good deal… Just need @dobby to agree - I have until tomorrow when the offer ends…

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Do IT ! I got my Avata a few weeks ago and wish I had got one sooner - its a different type of craft from any of the other DJI drones but WOWZER so much fun to fly. I thought the motion controller would be a bit of a gimmick but after a few mins its so intuitive and makes you look like a season pro in the FPV world ( ok not quite but man you sure do feel like your one haha )

The Mini 3pro in my bag is for more photography / film stuff and the Avata is more a play thing at the moment - I might get skilled enough to turn it into a film drone but at the moment I am enjoying the buzz it gives me.

Hope that sold it to you :wink:

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I am already sold, had a go of @gunja99 and @Sparkyws and @robertspark 's systems and loved them… I have the MINI3 Pro and AIR3 for Videography, and love them both, but an FPV would add another opportunity for flying - for fun and to get me out walking more often - and possibly some video taking - once I get to a reasonable competency…

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And you can use the goggles with some of the tripod drones too!

Though bizarrely I’m considering selling the avata!

Sounds like an irresistable deal and here’s wishing you good luck!
@dobbby feing the pressure then?!

He’s from Yorkshire… Soo short hands and long pockets

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Do it!

If you don’t you will be unhappy.

If you do and the other half gets annoyed with you, you will be unhappy.

But with an AVATA ! :sunglasses: :+1: