South East England Meet-up | Saturday 20th April | Morden SM4 5HE | 09:30 onwards

Want to chat drones ?
Want to drink tea and watch drones ?
Want to build confidence of flying ?
Want to try other drones ?
Want to just fly and not by the only drone flyer ?
Darn it I just want to fly my drone!

Everyone welcome. FPV’er, Camera Drones or even people who not a got a drone yet. No drone police, but do not be an arsehole rule applies.

Bring Grey Arrows name badges (if you have them)
Bring tea, coffee, snacks and refreshments.
Bring batteries.
Bring spares, props!
Bring a chair!
Bring first aid kit (half joking, we once had a cut finger).

Without a Drone
Still welcome. I plan to bring my DJI Mavic Mini and my analogue FPV whoop. Either set can be used by anyone. Both I have crashed multiple times. Both have been crashed by others and me and are gathering dust in-between meet-ups.

With a Drone
Chase other drones, take photos of the park or admire the views.

Date and Time
Saturday 20th April . I plan to be there around 09:30 am and plan to leave around 15:00.

Weather - Morden - BBC Weather

Drone Scene: Morden Park - Permitted Drone Area

I have flown here lots of times and never had a bad exchange with members of the public. Merton expressly allow drone flying here.

Flying spot: /// Approx - look for Grey Arrows flag.
Blue - walk (~6 mins) from paid parking (60p per hour) or £7 over 4 hours ///lower.tubes.vines
Yellow - walk up hill (~8 mins) from on-street free parking ///joins.soaks.begin NB: Prefer on-street not the cricket car park at this location.
Pink - Leisure centre with cafe and toilets. ///pits.kinds.jazzy


Possible Attendance
  • Come rain or shine, I will be there
  • Fair weather and a fair wind, I will be there
  • If the stars align, I might just make it
  • Sorry No, prior commitments
  • Alas, something more important than drone flying (WTF??)
  • Sorry, I’m an arsehole - see intro ( :wink: )
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@group-southeast @RestlessZombi @smudge202 @DrDave @ANDMUL @Riccar @doctormako @BadManners @Stewrat @swifthalf @MrE2E @Camera-On @liberfly


Really going to try and make this…


Looking forward to it! Penguins packed.

  • It’s too far to ride my push bike
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Would it be possible to bring some drone pilots along with me?

I have a few friends interested.

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Are they going to fly like your cool videos ?

Sure bring them along.
But would be nice if they register as a free account so we know the rough numbers on the poll of attendees. (Nice not a requirement).

I will do some boring stuff like allocate channels once we have a few FPV’s in the air.


Ahh thanks!

Yes it’s the same guys, although not sure if the Perry the fixed wing pilot can make it yet.

I will ask them to register, at worst I will give you numbers asap.

Maybe next time :crossed_fingers:, have to miss this one, it’s my daughter’s birthday

I think the Morden area it’s more like South West than South East but carry on :rofl:

I’d love to but I might have to skip this one, have fun.

@group-southwest in case I missed people out.

Assume you meant @group-southeast :joy: as it is a south east event.

There is a Morden in Dorset, north of Wareham, as well as the better known Morden in southwest London.

Duplicate place names are not uncommon in the UK. I was working on an installation in St Ives when a driver arrived, a day late and swearily upset. He had been to St Ives in Cornwall …

I really hope to make it this time. I’m sure a newbie like me could learn SO much from you all.

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Was intentional as …

Want to keep everyone happy.

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Sorry, can’t attend as this clashes with the Spring BBQ which is being held by The Drone Safe Store at their headquarters in Chichester. Went to their summer bbq last year which turned out to be the hottest day of the year…hopefully, the weather repeats itself for this first bbq of the year too!

Maybe next time

Andy :hot_face:

Check out your own avatar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, totally agree…so I’m taking it with me as they are going to let me try my Air 3 with the new Goggles 3!

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Unfortunately most of my weekends are fully booked for this year until around September

Do you mean South West London?

Morden is definitely not in South West England, which is what the event refers to.


Brendon , I will try to pop in for an hour but one of my grandsons is running in a Schools event at Crystal Palace and I promised to watch him. Not sure what time yet but hope to see you mid morning if I can


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