South East England Meet-up | Sunday 17th September

I will post a new thread for next one. Either Knockholt or Deangate Ridge, depending upon appetite for uphill walking and narrow gates and weather forecast on Saturday.


We went to a meet and I was not exactly sure but I heard a drone in the distance. I sent a message on here saying we had arrived and within a minute or so a drone came to us. I signalled to the drone, which way? It turned and pointed to the direction I should walk. Easy. No big deal.

Would have loved to come and join you. We had things that needed to be sorted here but will try and get to one some point.

I think it’s time I speak from my heart, and my true self. I really don’t know what has been going on in my head, from the beginning of this thread to my very last post. I have managed to offend and upset a lot of people whom I haven’t even have had the pleasure to meet. First time in my life I realise I have been so horribly confrontional and rude. There are no excuses so I am not trying to make any excuses. I do know what is going on in my head right now, but I don’t want to use it as an excuse, so I won’t say more about it. But what I do want to say is the following: Big big big apologies to all, don’t worry about forgiving, I probably don’t deserve any. But what I do know is that now that I know what is my personal issue at the moment, I will make sure not to offend anyone and to think before I speak. Hopefully time is a healer So there you go, I am very sorry to all of you that got upset by my words and statements in this thread.
Have fun everyone and once again sorry for my bad manners.

That takes a lot a courage to openly apologies. I tip my hat too you for that. I hope moving forward you can find a place here. I can’t talk for everyone but I’m happy to wipe the slate clean and start over. We’re all a friendly bunch who just like to get together for a fly now and then and have some fun. Everyone is welcome :+1:t2:


Looking at this objectively you were right on many points, It is just the way that you put these issues across that could have been less aggresively done. Thanks for the “sorry” message, i’m sure it was not an easy thing to make. We could have made it easier for new attendies though.

This meet up could have been easier to attend then how it was done. The usual location Google link to show where in the field we would be meeting was missing and the Grey Arrows Flag was also absent which would have been a good indication of our location should you have seen that. Sadly these were not considered at the time.

From our perspective those that indicated that they would be attending after put out the message that there was rainstorms predicted, had all previously attended so a time and date was all that was believed to be required at that time.

We’ll try and get the above points fixed for next time, this is all we can do at this point.

Sorry you attended and were unable to locate us. We can just strive to do better next time. I hope you enjoyed the F1 race it was a pretty exciting one (at least the last 15 laps were, rest was kinda only good).

I thought that with me launching my drone 80 odd metres above my head from the main car park was enough to give me a chance of spotting any gatherings but all I could see was the lads playing football opposite the car park entrance and what looked like sheep or cows beyond the bowling warehouse. I could have persisted searching but the wind caused my controller to send frequent warnings to land safely because of strong winds.

Still Ferrrari winning P1 in Singapore was delightful.

The wind in the car park was bad when we arrived at 9:30 and I also considered that it might not be good to fly, but we followed the path to the big tree and the wind seemed to drop a little, probably because of the line of trees acting as a wind breaker. We set up under the tree and kept our eyes open looking for anyone arriving that wasn’t walking a dog whilst we had a quick fly about in the field. I’m sorry we missed you. Please don’t let this put you off from coming to a meet, like @DeanoG60 says we are a friendly bunch.

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For those who read this on e-mail, sorry for all the typos that are not being corrected. 6am and some flying or crawling critter set off our house alarm so I was up like a shot and thought I would check phone and saw this apology and started typing on my phone and I make loads of mistakes on phone screen so I got computer out and posted to re edit and wow what a pile of mistakes.

Anyway regarding the message. Let’s hope we can all move on and the apology puts you in a different light to me at least so thanks for that as it takes a lot to do that and I am prepared to give you a second chance. I will say one thing though, I am still not sure what your views are about meets though so if we ever cross paths, please do not see me as being rude if I do not approach. You said in a message somewhere on here you are not sociable and to avoid you as you really do not want t chat to people etc. If this is now not the case it would be good to hear so we know you want to join in. Of course people will talk about non related stuff, its making friends and getting to know people. I now personally am going to be chatting to @DeanoG60 about remote control cars as something I may be looking into. I am sure others will chat about their thing. The meet is all about meeting people, getting to know people. One thing I noticed about grey arrows at the big meet is despite everyone already knew each other, both me and my wife were welcomed more then I anticipated, some said hi and others knew me by my messages in here but people actually made an effort. If you are happy now to mingle at a meet then worth just making it be known as it would be sad to see you not chatted to by people like me who think you do not want to be bothered based upon the first messages about your views on a meet. Your apology is accepted by me but I am still in the boat of… would I approach you if at a meet or just let you be. I like making friends on here and chatting to people but at the same time I do not want to be talking to someone who would prefer me to be at the other end of a large field.

Regarding the meet. A bit of advice I mentioned before, if you get to a meet, post on here as am I am sure that people will be checking their phone (especially the organiser of the meet). People will set up by trees so if the skies open then its a place to run for shelter so may not always be visible from above. Just post a message saying “I am here but can not see you, can someone send a drone up and give me a clue”. When I got to the meet it was at a point where I could hear a drone but did not know which way. I believe it was ping who sent a drone up to our way… I gestured to ask which way to go and he pointed the drone in the right way and flew that way.

I have a few personal things going on and I find the people here friendly and nice, it has restored my faith in people. Yesterday I get an update from our councillor about a 5 year situation with the neighbour to my mom who some people on here will know the story (which I will not go into on here but has been a low of my life). Just having a place to come to chat to people at 6am like now is great. A meet is a great thing to do as all these little icons of people actually turn into people and when typing you can visualise the person who you are typing to or replying to you.

Do not be a stranger. It will be a lonely experience for you if you are to block yourself away from people but a highly rewarding experience if you just get involved, make friends and chat. So if we are at a meet and you see me there. Come over, say hi, chat about things. I am unsure if I have red socks but I am very approachable but at the same time I do lack an amount of confidence in speaking to people but I found that people at the GADC appear to have broken that barrier and I feel that I can talk easier. At a big meet I found myself walking to a group at the other end of the field and was asked, “Where is your chair” so not only was I accepted to walk into a conversation, I was expected to sit down and join them. That is one thing that still stands out in my head. When people left they came down to the other end of the meet where we were to say by. They could have just waved out of a van/car as they drove off but made an effort. GADC is truly a great place to make friends. When I say friends, I mean life long friends. Join in the group. Your initial outbursts on here did you no favours but your apology turned a corner too. So I hope others will also give you the second chance that some have already shown here. I am on here EVERY DAY without fail. I try to read as much as I can despite having so much on and I get involved in what I can. To see a :laughing: or :+1: is rewarding in my mind. I always check to see who has and nice to see them. Just a clarification to know that all is good (something I need once in a while).

Do not be a stranger, I have made some friends on here that will remain friends for as long as I have my memory. There are some true fantastic people on here. Be one of them. I sure as hell love being one of them.

Spelling mistakes also corrected on this and now it is 7am. Not going to hunt the critter down who set our alarm off but may look into a double knock P I R for the kitchen.

Night all… I mean morning. Normally going to bed at 5am here.

Q1: You said in a message somewhere on here you are not sociable and to avoid you as you really do not want t chat to people etc
A: I should have explained in a more polite way: Truth is gear talk is not my cup of tea.

Q2: If you are happy now to mingle at a meet then worth just making it be known
A: Yes of course, I love dogs and cats, I never get tired of talking about dogs.

Q3: Regarding the meet. A bit of advice I mentioned before, if you get to a meet, post on here as am I am sure that people will be checking their phone (especially the organiser of the meet).

A: Ok I am willing to give that advice a go. Hopefully at a time where the weather and in particular the wind are suitable. That last Sunday event in Hoo unfortunately was a pretty bad day, weather-wise.

Q:4 Do not be a stranger

A: No worries

Final notes and this is just so you know why I might and might not attend certain meets which is to do with my limited walking abilities:

In 2011 I suffered a very bad work accident involving a crane lifting beam falling from a stand and hitting my left leg and crushing my foot. A number of operations later I am left with a bone fusion in the heel area which means I have very limited movement in my left foot as well as the impact of the crane part to my vascular system has resulted me in being diagnosed with a condition called lymphoedema, basically my lymphatic system has been damaged and causing me all kinds of imbalances to my muscles / blood system etc.

So I can’t do long walks, uphill or downhill and I can only go within short distance from my car.
I am hoping to invest in a decent off road mobility scooter in future but those things are very expensive.


Thanks for the reply. I personally do understand about distances @FoleyMrs has multiple problems with health and was once wheelchair bound for at least 8 years when I met her and was told to never walk again. We are due to go to the hospital today for 1:30pm for a treatment that involves an infusion that takes a couple of hours. Whilst she will still walk in pain, she can walk. So short distances are ok. Longer distances will cause great pain and then a few days in bed. I have mobility problems myself but are not serious or anything like that and medication does help them a bit. So we are more particular when we see a meet and ask more about where it is from the car. If we create a meet we may be more descriptive about the trip from the car to the meet location and give details as we have in the past had to manage wheelchairs and all sorts so have been in the situation to understand. If you see a meet that looks good for you, go for it, if you can not, it is not a problem for people. Some meets you will find are suitable and others not so. Sorry to hear about your injury. You not had a great bit of luck there. With this turn around you are welcome to any meet that we set up and if we chat stuff you not interested in just have a fly or something. All good.


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