South Manchester Newbie

Just bought my first drone, looking forward to learning to fly it and hopefully get some great images.


Welcome and good luck on your first adventures. If its your first drone please make sure you understand the drone rules and take care.
Good bunch on this forum so don’t be afraid ask if you have any questions. Remember there is not such a thing as a bad question, just a bad answer :wink:
If not done so already, there are some very useful apps that are worth downloading and getting familiar with. They are Drone Assist, Altitude Angel and UAV forcast.


Welcome @Sharon1991, there are a few south Manchester drone users on here, including myself (I live in Sale). Let me know if you need any local advice: it’s not the easiest area to find spaces to fly in.


Welcome and Hello ! Also South Manchester (Withington) here !

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Thanks, I’ve got my Operator ID. Initially for drone footage to include in motorbike tours, but if all goes well I will be looking to do the required training for commercial operations. As a Property Manager it could be a good sideline.

As of January, there’s no special training required for commercial work - any qualifications needed are now based on risk, which in turn partly depends on the type of drone used. We can easily advise on what you need if you share details nearer the time.


Hi and Welcome. I am not quite classed as South Manchester but Swinton just around the M60 and not too far away.